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ProduceIQ: Holiday hangover cure enclosed

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Predictably, post-Thanksgiving green bean prices are falling faster than the snow across the Midwest. Average prices are down -37 percent over the previous week.

ProduceIQ: Thanksgiving week prices more affordable this year

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This week’s price index is a little misleading. Despite appearances, fresh produce for your Turkey Day menu is a bit more affordable than last year.

ProduceIQ: Thanksgiving pull is here, and so is the rain

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Heavy rain is forecasted for the Southeastern U.S. and California this week. This may come as dismal news for growers nearing harvest, but it is a reason to give thanks for off-season growers still fighting the effects of extreme drought.

ProduceIQ: Pre-turkey season produce markets mellow

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While we were washing away our last few memories of COVID restrictions at IFPA, Hurricane Norma made landfall on the Southern tip of Baja California, Mexico, as a Category 1 storm and then again in Sinaloa as a tropical storm. Rain from the tropical system will impact growers in North and Central Mexico.

ProduceIQ: Cauliflower markets begin steep hike

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Active tropics are still plaguing fresh produce supply chains. Hurricane Lidia made landfall as a powerful Category 4 Hurricane off the Southwestern Coast of Mexico last week and was closely followed by Tropical Storm Max.

ProduceIQ: Farms need drying out after Hurricane Idalia; expect a gap this fall

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Hurricane Idalia dropped significant rain in Georgia and throughout the Southeast. Although Idaia made landfall in Florida as a Category 3 storm, by the time the system reached Georgia, maximum wind gusts fell to 73 mph.

ProduceIQ: Eastern produce markets transition to Georgia

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Big news this week. Green beans are extremely tight on both coasts, and prices are being pushed to a ten-year high. The Mother’s Day pull is keeping the demand up.

ProduceIQ: Cold, wet weather tightens supply

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The California sky is finally clear, but the damage reports are just rolling in. Strawberry growers in California are reporting close to $200 million in damages due to the volleys of wind, rain, and floods experienced over the past few weeks.

ProduceIQ: Holiday demand is shaking up produce markets

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The World Cup kicked off yesterday, and for once, it feels like the whole globe is celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with us.

ProduceIQ: Markets reach new highs for the Thanksgiving pull

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and holiday demand is fueling record-high prices across produce commodities. This week, average prices are at a ten-year high for week #45.