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Vegetables slammed as climate foes

- Analysis
Tamar Haspel, writing in the Washington Post, has assessed foods in regard to their effect on climate health. Vegetables turn out badly.

ProduceIQ: Summer heat remains, affecting quality

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It’s only the first week of September, but it seems as though our social media feeds are already turning orange and every Pinterest recipe tastes like pumpkin spice.

Weather problems cause broccoli prices to rise

- General News
Broccoli prices are on the rise as the California season winds down and heat in Central Mexico is causing quality problems.

ProduceIQ: Produce spices up supply chain

- Analysis
While the rest of the world may be shocked to hear of a chili pepper shortage, the produce industry has been abuzz with the saucy news for some time.

Ecuador’s strike hits produce

- General News
Ecuador’s nationwide general strike has hit produce commodities hard.

ProduceIQ: Extreme heat continues; Cherries ‘break’ the index

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Cherries in the Northwest are mourning the loss of their fallen brethren. Due to a late snow in April, which devastated the bloom in some regions, cherries have insufficient volume for the spot market.

Mexico’s influence in the global broccoli and cauliflower market

- International
From 2016 to 2020 Mexico positioned itself as the world’s second largest exporter of broccoli and cauliflower, with a 19.2 percent share of the world market, only behind Spain.

ProduceIQ: Markets climb higher, battling harvest transitions in East & West

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Inflation is not just impacting consumers. As FOB shipping point prices have been at a record high for six straight weeks.

ProduceIQ: Spring prices stabilize at elevated levels

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Produce markets held steady over the previous week in a surprising hiatus from springtime volatility. Price increases in berries, tomatoes, and corn offset declines in lettuce, celery, and asparagus prices. Still, it wouldn't be a week in fresh produce without a touch of drama.

Broccoli market heating up

- General News
After weeks of low prices, broccoli demand is growing as the crop transitions, causing prices to rise.