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BrightFarms showcases new Texas greenhouse at VIVA Fresh

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BrightFarms, a trailblazer in indoor-grown leafy greens, is set to shine at the upcoming VIVA Fresh produce trade show in Houston this April 11-13, 2024.

Cox Enterprises launches Cox Farms, one of the largest greenhouse growers in North America

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Cox Farms includes Mucci Farms and BrightFarms, and plans to continue to pursue additional ventures and investments in the indoor agriculture space.

BrightFarms highlights 2024 greenhouse openings, salad kits at SEPC Southern Exposure

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Currently operating six greenhouses, BrightFarms delivers fresh, tasty, long-lasting greens to consumers across the Midwest and East Coast.

BrightFarms recalls salad kit containing cheese associated with Listeria outbreak

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The affected cheese product is contained in a fully enclosed and sealed plastic "masterpack" placed inside the kit and contains a best-by-date through 3/27/24.

BrightFarms recalls spinach and salad kits

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The recalled products were distributed to retailers in seven states including Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

REVIEW: BrightFarms Crunch Kits salad kits

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Why are salad kits so popular? Watch us try the new BrightFarms Crunch Kits and find out how salad kits bring a restaurant experience.

BrightFarms to expand with four regional hubs

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BrightFarms, a national leader in the indoor farming industry, is expanding with four new regional greenhouse hubs offering sustainably grown leafy greens to more people across the Eastern and Central U.S.

BrightFarms highlights Crunch Kit salads

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Sized to be eaten on their own or as a shared side, two varieties, Chickpea Caesar and Sunny Bacon, launched in Illinois supermarkets earlier this year.

BrightFarms adds to salad kit lineup

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BrightFarms, the New York-based leading supplier of indoor-grown leafy greens, today announced the launch of “Crunch Kits,” a premium new salad kit option.

BrightFarms promotes Chief Commercial Officer ahead of expansion plans

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BrightFarms, the leading national player in growing indoor leafy greens, announced that Abby Prior has been promoted within the company to Chief Commercial Officer.