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Cox Enterprises launches Cox Farms, one of the largest greenhouse growers in North America

cox farms

ATLANTA (March 26, 2024) — Today, Cox Enterprises announces the launch of Cox Farms, a new business focused on sustainable food and agriculture.

Cox Farms represents Cox’s commitment to making the world a better place by future-proofing the world of produce and further enhancing the company’s more than $2 billion investment in sustainable businesses and technologies.

Today, Cox Farms includes indoor farming companies Mucci Farms BB #:165851 and BrightFarms BB #:344991, and it will continue to pursue additional ventures and investments in the indoor agriculture space.

“We are excited to build and scale a better future for farmers and consumers by ensuring a safe, secure and sustainable food supply, regardless of calendar or climate,” said Steve Bradley, president of Cox Farms. “This is a significant milestone for us, as we are disrupting traditional agriculture and bringing the promise of indoor agriculture to fruition at a scale never seen before.”

Cox Enterprises, a multigenerational family-owned business, has a long history in agriculture dating back 125 years when Ohio farmer-turned-entrepreneur James M. Cox planted the seeds for Cox Enterprises. Today, the company is pioneering the food supply chain revolution through the development of a multinational network of indoor farms. With Mucci Farms and BrightFarms in its growing portfolio, Cox Farms is one of the largest greenhouse operators in North America, harvesting 360 million pounds of produce annually.

“As multigenerational family businesses rooted in a passion for growing fresh produce, we are thrilled to be part of the Cox Farms family as we embark on a partnership fueled by shared values and a collective vision for the future of farming,” said Bert Mucci, CEO and managing partner at Mucci Farms. “Our mutual drive to innovate in the agriculture space at all levels fuels our mission to enhance accessibility and promote the consumption of clean, sustainable, fruits and vegetables.”

Re-imagining agriculture, Cox Farms achieves stable conditions in greenhouses, with a higher yield per acre, and no harmful chemicals or pesticides. Cox Farms is setting a new standard in quality, breaking yield records year-round, and serving the biggest names in retail across thousands of stores.

“BrightFarms is pioneering the future of sustainable agriculture with our advanced indoor farming methods, focusing on producing the freshest, most sustainable leafy greens locally,” said Steve Platt, CEO of BrightFarms. “Together, we are poised to accelerate and expand our mission, leveraging shared resources and vision to build operation capacity that will make healthy, locally-grown food more accessible while caring for our planet.”

With revenues approaching $1 billion and a workforce comprising nearly 2,500 dedicated and passionate employees, Cox Farms embodies a triple-bottom-line philosophy that strives to improve the planet, elevate human health and ensure robust financial returns.

About Cox Enterprises 

Cox Enterprises is dedicated to empowering people to build a better future for the next generation. Cox is a leader in the broadband, automotive, and media industries, as well as a leading investment platform with strategic positions in emerging technologies driving the future of agriculture, renewable energy, health care, and public sector software. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Cox is a global company with $23 billion in annual revenues and a proud 125-year history. To learn more about Cox and its commitment to its people, planet and communities, visit

About Cox Farms

Cox Farms is redefining farming and setting the global standard in growing a safe, secure, and responsible food supply capable of feeding a growing population, regardless of calendar or climate. Through our multinational network of indoor farms and consumer brands, including BrightFarms and Mucci Farms, the business is one of the largest greenhouse operators in North America with revenues approaching $1 billion and a workforce comprising nearly 2,500 dedicated employees. Cox Farms is future-proofing the world of produce with clean, flavorful products serving the biggest names in retail and foodservice. Owned by Cox Enterprises, a multigenerational family-owned business with a long history in agriculture, Cox Farms represents Cox’s commitment to improving the planet and elevating human health. Learn More at