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BrightFarms highlights 2024 greenhouse openings, salad kits at SEPC Southern Exposure

brightfarms greenhouse

Irvington, N.Y. (February 26, 2024) – BrightFarms BB #:344991, recognized for excellence in indoor-grown leafy greens,
prepares to participate in SEPC Southern Exposure, a premier event for the produce industry. The company will be stationed at Booth #324, providing attendees with insights into the 3 high tech greenhouse farms it plans to open later this year and showcasing its four popular Crunch Kit™ salads. Since its inception, BrightFarms has been a leader within the indoor-grown leafy greens category.

Currently operating six greenhouses, BrightFarms delivers fresh, tasty, long-lasting greens to consumers across the Midwest and East Coast. With the opening of BrightFarms’ 3 new high-tech greenhouses – in Illinois, Texas and Georgia – just around the corner, the company is building the largest greenhouse salad supply chain in the US, delivering partners a secure supply of fresher and high quality indoor grown greens that are the growth driver for the category.

“2024 is going to be a breakout year for BrightFarms,” stated Abby Prior, Chief Commercial Officer of BrightFarms. “Our new greenhouses will provide the capacity we need to fill the increased demand of our retailers and consumers for fresher leafy greens. With more supply to fill the shelf, the growth that has gotten the category to where it is today is only the beginning. ”

One recent component to BrightFarms’ success is their popular line Crunch Kit™ salad kits, which have quickly become a staple in consumers’ repertoire. BrightFarms has maintained the position of the #1 selling indoor grown salad kits in the country, built on the inclusion of its signature Sunny Crunch™ lettuce as the salad’s base, a premium choice to what has traditionally been offered in retail salad kits, and its bold and flavorful toppings.

Recently, BrightFarms added to its Crunch Kits™ lineup with the introduction of two new flavors; Mediterranean and Southwest Chipotle. The Mediterranean Crunch Kit™ delivers an herby and tangy punch of flavor. It features feta cheese, roasted lentils, herbed flatbread, and is paired with a Greek feta vinaigrette. The Southwest Chipotle Crunch Kit ™ is bold and flavorful, with a touch of smoky heat. It features fire roasted corn, tortilla strips, tangy cotija cheese, and is paired with a chipotle ranch dressing.

This exciting product lineup will be showcased at SEPC’s Southern Exposure in Tampa, FL. Attendees can visit booth #324 to learn more about BrightFarms’ ongoing expansion plans and distribution opportunities across the East Coast, Midwest, Southeast and beyond.

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About BrightFarms
BrightFarms is a national leader in the booming indoor farming industry, transforming how produce is grown and delivered with its expanding network of high-tech, sustainable hydroponic farms. Acquired by Cox Enterprises in 2021, BrightFarms operates hydroponic greenhouse farms in the communities it serves, enabling it to eliminate time, distance and costs from the food supply chain. The BrightFarms’ growing method is a model for the future of scalable, sustainable local farming. BrightFarms currently operates six high-tech greenhouse farms in New Hampshire, ennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio and Illinois, with four new regional salad greenhouse hubs breaking ground to begin opening in 2024.

BrightFarms’ fresh lettuce options, from classic greens to crunchy mixes and salad kits, are available in more than 3,700 retail stores across the East Coast and Midwest. To learn more about BrightFarms and find a store near you, visit