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Earthbound Farm adds five salad kits, Limited Harvest Wild Red Arugula blend

earthbound farm wild red arugula
Earthbound Farm’s first package (left) inspired its most recent Limited Harvest package (right)

SALINAS, CALIFORNIA (May 2, 2024) – Earthbound Farm BB #:154001, the largest U.S. farmer and producer of organic salads, is celebrating 40 years of organic farming with new offerings including its line of Organic Salad Kits featuring dressings made with 100% organic avocado oil and its Limited Harvest Wild Red Arugula blend.  These new products will augment Earthbound Farm’s portfolio with additional fresh, flavorful, and healthy options for consumers to grow the salad category. 

Avocado oil is growing in popularity and consumers are increasingly seeking healthier oils for their salad dressings. These flavorful kits will address consumers’ desires for healthier dressing options while also providing smaller format organic kits to accommodate evolving consumption occasions.  In addition to the use of organic avocado oil, Earthbound Farm’s Organic Salad Kits feature a variety of fresh ingredients including crisp greens, colorful vegetables, and premium toppings. Each single-serve salad kit is curated to provide a delicious and satisfying experience, perfect for busy individuals and families alike who are looking for convenient meal options without compromising on taste or nutrition. They come in a diverse array of flavors and textures such as a smoky Chipotle Ranch, sweet Golden Balsamic, creamy Truffle Caesar and more.

Our five NEW Organic Salad Kits with avocado oil dressings include:

  • Caesar – Organic Caesar dressing, Romaine lettuce with parmesan cheese, garlic Romano crouton crumbles and zesty Caesar seasoning.
  • Chipotle Ranch – Organic chipotle ranch dressing, shredded cauliflower & broccoli, green cabbage, red cabbage, frisée, carrot, kale with crunchy pepitas and flaxseed corn chips.
  • Apple Cider Crunch – Organic apple cider vinaigrette, Romaine lettuce, frisée, shredded cauliflower & broccoli, red cabbage, carrot with dried cranberries and cashews.
  • Golden Balsamic – Organic Farmstand golden balsamic vinaigrette, Romaine lettuce, frisée, shredded cauliflower & broccoli, red cabbage, carrot with puffed quinoa and citrus herb sourdough crouton crumbles.
  • Truffle Caesar – Organic truffle Caesar dressing, Romaine lettuce, radicchio, kale with parmesan cheese and wholegrain black pepper & Himalayan Sea salt crouton crumbles.

These new Earthbound Farm products will be available at select grocery stores in May with a nationwide expansion throughout the remainder of 2024.

“At Earthbound Farm, we’re always looking for innovative ways to offer the freshest, most appetizing organic produce options available,” said Jenny Panziera, Director of Product for Organic and Earthbound Farm. “This new line of salad kits was intentionally crafted to deliver a delightful blend of flavors and textures with the added benefit of dressings made with pure organic avocado oil, providing consumers with convenient, nutritious meal solutions.” 

Our next new product is the Earthbound Farm Limited Harvest Wild Red Arugula. This premium variety is unique to Earthbound Farm and offers consumers a spicy, bold, and peppery flavor profile with distinct red veining. The packaging design honors Earthbound Farm’s first salad bags that helped expand access to fresh organic greens nationwide.

This limited harvest item joins our robust portfolio of organic greens and will be available May 2024-October 2024.

Earthbound Farm’s first package (left) inspired its most recent Limited Harvest package (right)

“We are proud of Earthbound Farm’s pioneering spirit and impact over these 40 years,” said T. Bruce Taylor, Vice President of Organic and CEA for Taylor Farms. “Today, we’re excited to continue to lead with flavorful products and sustainable farming practices that encourage more consumption of healthy, fresh produce.”  


Earthbound Farm is North America’s largest grower and packer of organic fresh vegetables. Earthbound Farm is passionate about increasing access to organic produce while remaining grounded in a commitment to quality, innovation, sustainability, and food safety. Earthbound Farm is family-and farmer-owned and based in “The Salad Bowl of the World,” Salinas, California. For more information, delicious recipes, and more, visit and follow Earthbound Farm on InstagramFacebook, and TikTok.