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Sun Belle’s blackberries in peak production

- General News
Optimal temperatures and growing conditions are resulting in peak production of Sun Belle blackberries and Green Belle organic blackberries from central Mexico through late May.

Mexican berry exports up 12%

- International
With the help of the federal government, they are requesting the opening of new markets, such as South Korea, India, and Malaysia.

Mixed berry prices to rise on tight volume

- General News
Blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry supplies are tightening, which will likely cause prices to rise over the next few weeks.

Naturipe continues Summer of Snacking with September Berry Spotlight

- General News
Naturipe, a farmer-owned producer and marketer of nutritious berries and value-added products, continues its inaugural “Summer of Snacking” campaign, as fresh raspberries and blackberries enter their late-summer peak season.

ProduceIQ: Dual hurricanes threaten growing regions

- Featured
While growing regions in the West have battled ferocious heat and drought throughout the summer, it’s the East Coast’s turn to navigate the challenges that come with turbulent weather.

ProduceIQ: Avocado growers prepared to fight in defense

- Analysis
Many nuances exist in avocados. Based on average industry sales for this week #29, avocados have the 2nd highest index weight, 10.4%, only trailing cherries. Both old and new crop face the eminent threat of rainy season in Mexico.

ProduceIQ: Cherry season coronated with royal prices

- Featured
Don’t be alarmed. The inclusion of the seasonal cherry harvest explains virtually all the $0.22 increase to the overall industry index this week.

ProduceIQ: Berries ‘rose’ before Valentine’s

- Featured
Sweeter fruits are at cyclical highs as Valentine’s Day nears. Though not a direct correlation with brix count, some causality is undeniable.

Blackberry production, exports drop in Michoacan, Mexico

- General News
As the debate continues whether Mexican imports harm U.S. domestic growers, Mexican growers report a significant decline in blackberry production in Michoacan.

Blackberry prices on the rise

- General News
Blackberry prices are rising as the Mexican season gives way to U.S. domestic supplies.