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Sun Belle’s blackberries in peak production

Sun Belle proprietary blackberries in peak production

Schiller Park, IL – Optimal temperatures and growing conditions are resulting in peak production of Sun Belle BB #:125047 blackberries and Green Belle organic blackberries from central Mexico through late May.

Premium proprietary varieties Aketzali and Amelali, as well as the new Erandy variety, provide consumers with large, shiny, flavorfully sweet blackberries.

“The sunlight and beautiful spring weather on our farms are producing abundant volumes of extra sweet berries, sure to delight consumers and move retail sales,” said Sun Belle President and Founder Janice Honigberg. “Packed on the farm, our blackberries then go to one of our five distribution centers where they are carefully inspected to ensure the highest quality product for our retail partners and their customers.”

Sun Belle proprietary blackberries were recently spotlighted at the Produce for Better Health (PBH) Consumer Connection, impressing registered dieticians, nutritionists, and lifestyle influencers with their color, size, texture, and flavor profile. Attendees of CPMA’s Convention and Tradeshow in Toronto sampled the premium varieties last week, noting their brilliant shine and deliciously sweet taste.

“From the eyes to the mouth, these berries provide an excellent eating experience,” said Sun Belle Director of Marketing & Communications Jennifer Sparks.

Sun Belle markets and distributes blackberries year-round. The company imports the Aketzali, Amelali and Erandy varieties from Mexico from August through mid-June, and markets excellent University of Arkansas varieties from Georgia, North Carolina, New Jersey and Arkansas throughout the summer. For more information on Sun Belle blackberry and other berry programs, contact

SUN BELLE and GREEN BELLE are leading brands of premium quality conventional and organic blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, golden berries, cranberries, pomegranate arils and red currants. Sun Belle operates five distribution centers nationally, including Schiller Park, Illinois; Jessup, Maryland; Oxnard, California; Miami, Florida; and Laredo, Texas. The company is recognized for its commitment and exceptional service to its customers, dedication to quality and freshness, expert handling, the introduction of new berry varieties, and the ability to fulfill mixed berry programs.