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Splendid by Porvenir introduces Keitt Kong label

keitt kong mango

August 21, 2023 Nogales, AZ – Announcing a significant development in the industry, Splendid By Porvenir, BB #:301797 a leading grower/shipper in the produce industry, proudly unveils its latest new product: the Keitt Kong Mango label.

This introduction showcases the pinnacle of this year’s mango harvest – a selection of the largest mangoes on the market, which have been meticulously cultivated under optimal conditions with the most stringent quality control measures applied.

In the words of Daniel Ibarra, President of Splendid, the Mexican mango season continues to flourish. “Presently, we find ourselves in the most exciting moment of the Mexican mango season. The northwest region of the country is witnessing exceptional mango production, underscoring a compelling proposition for retailers by ensuring a robust and dependable supply. In effect, it extends the Mexican season and offers retailers the advantage of staying in Mexico before moving to the off-shore mango season.”

He continues, “The season for Mexican Keitt mangoes 2023 officially began the second week in August and is projected to last several weeks into September, depending on Mother Nature. The fruit is sizing beautifully – we’ll have an abundance of larger mangoes, trending towards 5/6s.”

Happy to announce the launch of the new marketing campaign, complete with eye catchy new packaging, digital and social media ads along with website development, VP of Marketing Cindy Schwing excitedly states that her creative team has done an amazing job with the creation of the new Keitt Kong label, allowing Splendid to showcase these renowned mangoes.

Coupled with this in the field will be hyped retail programs featuring Keitt Kong mangoes and their wonderful attributes.

Carlos Ferniza, Marketing Manager, who has directly supervised the creation of the new label, proudly comments, “We’re talking about our brand, Splendid, shining the spotlight on a product that has the industry buzzing every single year. And let’s be real, it’s high time we give credit where credit’s due – we’re talking about the largest of all mangoes, the absolute titan that’ll bring top-notch quality to the table, Keitt Kong mangoes. This king of mangoes is the ultimate way to close out the year with a bang – and trust me, you won’t want to miss out on this golden opportunity!”

Estimated shipments of the Keitt mangoes will be one of the highest in recent years from northern Sinaloa, an area that certainly holds its own in terms of mango volume and has developed a name for itself as a prominent agricultural region around the world.

For additional information, please contact:

Cindy Schwing
VP of Marketing
Splendid by Porvenir LLC
956-793-6493 mobile