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Goldenberry Farms enforces trademark in federal court

GBF awarded federal registration on Sweet Sugar Mango brand
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April 17, 2024 MIAMI, FL – Goldenberry Farms has filed suit for damages and trademark infringement in U.S. Federal Court this week, advancing the enforcement globally of its SUGAR MANGO brand of miniature mangos.

The company has already cited victories in enforcing its marks within North America, Europe, and at origin, in Colombia.

A leading grower shipper and licensor, Goldenberry Farms has developed a global marketplace for its sustainably grown items, including several proprietary brands, trademarks, and varieties.  The company has heavily invested in the development of its award-winning brands, varieties, and unique offerings, which are offered via licensed import partners and distributors globally.

The lawsuit alleges specific traders actively bypassed the certified suppliers, as well as misrepresented a product to be part of the SUGAR MANGO miniature mango brand to distributors and grocers in the United States.

When traders bypass legitimate supply channels, it causes a chain reaction including diverting the income from local, small family farmers who have invested in sustainable practices to offer a high-quality item,” commented Michelle Anders, communications director for the brand.  “The quality cannot be assured, and the result is significant marketplace confusion.”

It is clear that supermarkets nor distributors wish any involvement in offering incorrectly sourced or mislabeled product, so we find it necessary to take these steps to protect the brand, our authorized retailers and partners, and the consumers.”

“We make significant investments in the development of each of our unique and proprietary items, taking years and significant financial resources to develop both the item and the market demand.  “Goldenberry follows a ‘zero tolerance’ policy against infringement, pursuing each and every case it becomes aware of, regardless of size.

The Sugar Mango brand was first created in 2020 and commercialized in 2021.

Goldenberry Farms then expanded the brand to additional export destinations, coupled with grower education, retail packaging, and complete consumer marketing campaigns.  Anticipation for the first U.S. arrival started to be built in 2022 with U.S. grocers, as other markets such as Canada and Europe were developed.  Sugar Mangos are intended as both a kid-friendly treat, as well as an elevated fruit eating experience.

Sugar Mangos undergo a proprietary pre-harvest and cultivation method, with an immediate cool chain, and a patented, food-safe treatment applied post-harvest to condition the fruit well for travel and the best possible taste and shelf life. 

Goldenberry Farms works alongside of leading growers and family farms, to manage the branded Sugar Mango miniature mango product and trademarks at origin, and globally. This approach allows for consistency with quality as well as availability, which helps to give confidence to both growers and consumers. The product is supported by a full social media and digital, as well as in-store marketing campaigns.

The 2024 season opens in the United States this week with licensed national distribution partners. For a complete list of licensed distributors, please contact

Where Good Things Grow

Goldenberry Farms is a grower, packer, and leading exporter of high quality tropical fruit, as well as the owner of various IP, shelf life technologies, and commercial trade brands.  The company has growing regions near both Medellin and Bogota Colombia, Ecuador, and the Caribbean, exporting via air and sea to distributors and retailers in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. 

Goldenberry Farms is known for its “Where Good Things Grow” approach to regenerative farming, focuses on soil health to commercially grow fruit naturally with longer shelf life and ideal taste profile.

Goldenberry Farms has been designated a “ZOMAC” company, for its commitment to rebuild communities and areas with the development of sustainable tropical fruit and produce and was recently featured in Forbes Top 30 brands for 2024. 

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