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Cooking with Kaboom! black jalapeños

Mastronardi Produce BB #:115453 sent me some of their new Sunset Kaboom! black jalapeños to try, so I thought I’d do a couple of things with them.

First, I subjected Ike to a new hot pepper challenge to test the heat. It turns out that Kaboom! delivers on its promise to be a mellower version of traditional jalapeños. At first nibble, Ike declared them no hotter than a bell pepper, but then I had him try the membrane and seeds, where all the heat is on a pepper.

Confirmed. They do have a kick.

Secondly, we used them to make the National Food of Texas: Jalapeño Poppers (with my mom’s easy hack for making them!).

And for a bonus, I show you how I’m always down for guac, with this sweet avocado kitchen hack.


Pamela Riemenschneider is the Retail Editor for Blue Book Services.