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Care in Crisis: Blue Book Predictive Score

In Blue Book Services’ “Care in Crisis” video No.6, Marketing Director Jeff Lair describes the benefits of the Blue Book Predictive Score – available to members – with Greg Johnson, Director of Media Development.

The Blue Book Predictive Score, developed in 2005 by Blue Book Services, predicts the likelihood a produce buying company will have a negative credit event — delinquent or default on payment — within a 12-month period.

A powerful tool for sellers, Blue Book Scores complement a company’s Blue Book rating and comprehensive business report. Scores range between 500 and 1000, with 1000 being the highest score.

Higher scores represent a less likely credit event – delinquent or default on payment — will occur. The lower the score, the more likely a company will be delinquent or default on payment. Currently, industry average score is 800.

Check a produce buyer’s Blue Book predictive score to navigate a business transaction well especially during uncertain times as we have experienced during the COVID-19 crisis.