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Civil ag lawsuits filed for the Week of November 9, 2023

blue book civil ag lawsuits

The following table reflects agricultural-related lawsuits filed in a United States District Court over the last 30 days.

Bridges Produce Incorporated v. Fresh Pick Produce LLC et al1348424azdc10/6/2023
FeedMe Trading LLC v. My Fish Stop LLC et al902872cacdc10/20/2023
1815 Savannah Food Corp. v. United States of America et al608768nysdc10/22/2023
Sanson Company v. Yellow Banana Ohio, LLC et al.301403ohndc10/23/2023
Race-West Company, Inc. v. Doug Specialties, LLC et al656358flsdc10/24/2023
Dairyland Produce, LLC v. CGHU Investments, Inc. et al1939763txsdc10/26/2023
v. The Ghali Company, LLC a/k/a Ghali Family Produce et al657050flsdc11/2/2023
Morlans et al v. Southwest Oregon Farms, LLC et al176380ordc11/2/2023
Custom Pak, Inc. v. The Ghali Company, LLC a/k/a Ghali Family Produce et al657075flsdc11/3/2023
Rampalli v. Publix Super Markets, Inc.419113flmdc10/2/2023
Amcor Flexibles North America Inc v. Reynolds Packaging LLC105167wiedc10/3/2023
DRIP CAPITAL, INC. v. INDIAN FOODS AND SPICES, LLC et al534579njdc10/17/2023
Foster v. Jewel Food Stores, Inc.447110ilndc10/20/2023
Minondo v. B&G Foods, Inc.505196nyedc10/30/2023
C.H. Robinson Company, Inc.  v. Prometo Produce Corp.  et al1938507txsdc10/17/2023
J.R. SIMPLOT COMPANY v. MCFARLING FOODS, INC. et al210860insdc11/3/2023

A lawsuit is a legal action, whereby a claim or dispute is made by one or more parties (plaintiff) against another or others (defendant) and is brought to a court of law for adjudication. A defendant is not responsible for an alleged claim or dispute unless a court of law rules in favor of a plaintiff.

Lawsuits notated in this table are suit search specific and may not be reflective of all agricultural related lawsuits filed during this time period.

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