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Blue Book Launches Next Generation Offering for Produce Supply Chain

Simplified Memberships, Redesigned Platform, Refreshed Brand Equip Members to Achieve and Exceed Their Business Goals 

Blue Book has a long and illustrious history of identifying and addressing our members’ needs. In 1901, our founder A.L. Baker used horseback riders, trains, and telegraphs to collect vital produce trading information, solving an important industry challenge.  

Fast forward 123 years and our mission is still very much the same. Over the last 12 months, we’ve literally collected thousands of data points from our members on what’s working and what else we can do to support the industry.  

Based on your feedback, we’re making some substantial improvements to our offering!  Launching at the beginning of April, we’re very excited to share with you: (1) a simplified membership model, (2) a huge overhaul of BBOS, and (3) a refreshed brand.  

Simplified Membership Model 

Blue Book is simplifying the membership tiers, going from nine options to three, and eliminating most à la carte offerings, instead providing them free with membership. This straightforward, all-inclusive model makes choosing the right service level easy, and helps customers maximize their membership without worrying about additional fees. 

In general, we are consolidating 100 and 150 level memberships into the Basic tier, the 200 and 250 level memberships into the Standard tier and the 300 and 350 level memberships into the Premium tier. 

We’re not taking away any features or functions, we’re only adding benefits and new functionality to each tier.  Blue Book, like everyone else, continues to fight inflationary pressures.  We’ll continue to absorb the majority of our input cost increases again this year, and we may consider a price increase in 2025 to keep up with inflation. 

Improved Member Experience 

The produce industry is dynamic and ever-changing, requiring real-time decisions that can make or break a business. The brand-new Blue Book member portal is more powerful than ever, with a modern user interface, clean layout and stronger capabilities that help members make smarter decisions and better connections – quickly.   

Based on your feedback, we’re also adding a host of new features, like: Who’s viewed my profile, Trading Partner Reputation Check, Blue Book Credit Applications, Public Records Search, etc.   

Refreshed Brand Identity 

Only our third major brand update in over a century, Blue Book’s style evolution honors its storied legacy and recognizable “seal” but with a fresh feel that reflects the company’s internal evolution and modern era. The logo, color palette, typeface and more have all been refreshed. 

A brand refresh brightens our image and serves as a signal to us and our customers, that Blue Book is investing in its future as we prepare to serve the industry for another century. 

We’re very excited about these developments and are confident based on ongoing member feedback that these will only enhance our value to you and your team!  If you have any questions about your membership, please contact our Customer Success team, or call 630 668-3500.  

We are grateful to serve your business’s needs! 

Kirk Soule 

CEO, Blue Book Services