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Sponsored Content: Million Things to Net-Zero


It’s no secret that it takes a lot of energy to keep the food we enjoy at a safe and enjoyable temperature – so as the most innovative player in the cold chain, we know it’s our responsibility to lead the industry into a more sustainable future. That’s why Lineage BB #:294667 signed the Climate Pledge in 2021. We’re committed to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2040.

It’s a big goal, but we believe it takes more than big projects to really move the needle. At Lineage, it’s the million little things that add up to big changes. Whether it’s investing in renewable energy sources like solar, retrofitting older buildings to be more energy efficient or taking steps towards more sustainable transportation solutions, we’re reimagining the sustainability standard in our industry.

Going Solar

One of the ways we’re working to achieve our goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2040 is with our solar initiatives. In 2022, Lineage had more than 108 MW of on-site solar installations across our network in the US, and we’re continuing to expand our solar footprint. On average, our facilities with on-site solar installations can produce about 40% of their energy.

In Europe and Asia Pacific, our solar initiatives are just as ambitious. Overall, our European solar footprint increased 46% year over year, from 15.7 MW to 34.3 MW in 2022. Throughout 2023 and 2024, across Australia and New Zealand, Lineage plans to install solar panels to 11 of its locations. These solar arrays will produce about 23.6 MW of energy, supplying about 30% of the total power consumed on site.

Refrigeration Optimizations are Key

One of our most impactful energy efficiency initiatives is the deployment of cutting-edge refrigeration controls technology. For several years, our Data Science team has been collaborating with CrossnoKaye, a modern software controls company, to develop and deploy the ATLAS platform. 

Atlas is an intelligent cloud-based control system that uses advanced physics-based machine learning algorithms to optimize the operational efficiency of refrigeration systems. It has already reduced energy usage by up to 48% at pilot sites, reducing our energy spend and greenhouse gas emissions.

Efficiency Starts with Infrastructure

Renewable and alternative energy is only part of the solution. We’re also working to ensure the energy we use isn’t being wasted. Our Facilities Energy Evaluations are designed to create a culture of conservation at the facilities level.

During these evaluations, our crews are on the lookout for anything that may lead to wasted energy. Fixing small issues like a worn door seal or an iced-over evaporator can add up to big energy savings, especially when you multiply those efficiencies across the entire network.

These are just three examples of how Lineage is innovating on the path to net-zero. We believe that sustainability solutions are everywhere, and we invite everyone in the cold-chain industry to join us.