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Sponsored Content: Wearable Tech for Safety


At Lineage BB #:294667, one of our core safety principles is “Safety is Intervention.” That’s why we’ve worked with StrongArm Technologies, a leading safety science company that combines wearables, data analytics, and safety expertise to prioritize proactive intervention for the well-being of our team members.

Working with StrongArm Technologies

At Lineage, we understand the vital importance of proactive safety measures, particularly for our “Industrial Athletes” – the frontline workers who put their bodies on the line every day. StrongArm’s expertise lies in designing and leveraging wearable technology to prevent ergonomic injuries in the workplace via real-time safety intervention. 

Their flagship product, the SafeWork System, offers an end-to-end risk management solution that integrates wearable devices, real-time data capturing and comprehensive analytics to deliver customized safety analyses and proactive intervention opportunities at our warehouses where it has been deployed.

Preventing Injuries through Wearable Safety Technology

Lineage has integrated StrongArm’s cutting-edge safety wearables into a number of our North American warehouses. These intuitive wearables collect critical ergonomic and environmental data throughout the workday, enabling Lineage to proactively identify safety intervention opportunities. 

These wearables provide real-time feedback through haptic alerts, helping team members avoid repeated risky movements. By capturing data on bending, twisting, lifting and time of day, we gain invaluable insights into potential safety hazards. This data also provides opportunities for meaningful interventions.

Remarkable Results

Lineage’s work with StrongArm Technologies has yielded remarkable improvements in safety across multiple locations. Facilities where the technology was implemented have witnessed significant reductions in OSHA recordable incidents over time. These outcomes highlight the power of proactive intervention by integrating innovative safety technology within a strong safety culture.

Intervention Keeps Our Team Safe

Our work with StrongArm Technologies—paired with our global culture of safety—empowers Lineage to create a safer work environment for our team members.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights, Lineage and StrongArm lead the way in prioritizing proactive intervention to help team members return home to their families in the same condition they left, every day.