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Sponsored Content: Fresh Farms Launches ‘Taste to Believe’ Campaign for Mexican Grape Season Delight

fresh farms

Fresh Farms BB #:194140 is thrilled to announce the upcoming grape season in Sonora, Mexico, where an abundance of high-quality grapes is set to delight consumers. As the season gains momentum, Fresh Farms is gearing up to launch its “Taste to Believe” campaign, offering an exceptional experience for grape enthusiasts everywhere.

Expanding on the success of previous seasons, Fresh Farms is ready to captivate taste buds with a wide selection of signature grapes alongside the popular Candy line, featuring favorites like Cotton Candy, Candy Snaps, and Candy Hearts. With the Mexican grape season in full swing, customers can look forward to enjoying these delicious treats and exploring unique flavors at their favorite supermarket.

“We’re making a big comeback with the Taste to Believe campaign as the Mexican grape season ramps up. We’re excited to offer an even wider range,” shared Raul Carbajal, Operation Process Improvement Specialist for Fresh Farms.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. Fresh Farms is taking this flavor celebration nationwide, bringing enticing displays, informative banners, and appealing point-of-sale materials to supermarket chains across the country. Through engaging digital and social media campaigns, the company aims to ensure that customers not only see their grapes but truly experience them.

“We’re not just increasing Candy grape sales; we’re also changing consumer perceptions. Our Creative Director, Charlie Molina, is leading an immersive digital journey, offering insights into grape cultivation and the magic behind our renowned Candy grapes,” he explained.

With the “Taste to Believe” campaign, Fresh Farms isn’t just selling grapes; they’re igniting joy and curiosity in every consumer. It’s about embarking on a flavorful adventure and discovering new favorite flavors. Join Fresh Farms on this delightful journey as they redefine the fresh produce category one grape at a time, making this year’s Mexican grape season an unforgettable culinary experience.