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Beware the guacamole imposters

produce with pamela

With a short California avocado crop, Mexico’s Flor Loca behaving, well…loca…, the wholesale avocado market is high.

So high trucks are being hijacked at an alarming rate.

But there’s another crime my colleague Richard alluded to that I cannot abide.

Imposter Guacamole.

School foodservice, recipe bloggers and EVEN TAQUERIAS are cutting their avocados – or omitting them completely – subbing things like calabacita, edamame and the most reviled of all pantry staples: canned peas.

There’s other cute names, like “Mockamole” and such, but when I was searching for recipes I straight up Googled “fake guacamole.” I got, frankly, a disturbing number of hits.

I chose a few recipes to make, and decided to test the results on my kids, our friends, and their kids. In the food world, children are the harshest critic in my experience, so I knew I’d get some candid (and maybe over exuberant) feedback.

If you’d like to try these recipes on your unsuspecting friends and families, here you are:


Pamela Riemenschneider is the Retail Editor for Blue Book Services.