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The Produce Reporter Week in Review: May 24, 2019

- Produce with Pamela
Greg and Pamela discuss the California cherry nightmare, and see how Whole Foods' produce bags stack up against the competition. 

Whole Foods reduces plastic with smaller produce bags, straw removal

- Retail
The company is the first U.S. retailer to remove plastic straws chain-wide.

Amazon “primed” for discounts…that haven’t delivered

- Analysis
At what point do we give up on the Whole Paycheck battle and embrace the higher end?

Whole Foods to lower prices on fresh produce

- Retail

Whole Foods plans to cut prices on hundreds of items, including fresh produce, according to an …

Retail stocks gasp at Amazon grocery news

- Analysis
At approximately 12:38 Eastern Standard Time, the world of grocery stocks took a deep breath…and dropped.

Walmart is outpacing Amazon in e-grocery

- Produce with Pamela
Walmart is pulling ahead of Amazon for online grocery shoppers, and I know why. It’s fresh food.

Whole Foods raises prices on hundreds of items

- Retail
Whole Foods plans to raise prices on hundreds of items, going away from its pledge to offer lower prices.

An Ode to 365 by Whole Foods Market

- Analysis
You’re only 2,000 feet from my front door, 365 by Whole Foods Market, and I pass by you nearly every time I leave the house. But I just can’t find a reason to shop.

Satur Farms recall expands to Whole Foods prepared foods

- General News

Press Release — In response to a recall by Satur Farms, Whole Foods Market is voluntarily …

Who cares if dollar stores sell more food than Whole Foods?

- Analysis
What’s unexpected about consumers buying food at an affordable price versus a high end, niche retailer that’s been trying to shake off a “Whole Paycheck” nickname for years?