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Foodservice award winners share labor pain

- General News
A handful of United Fresh 2021 Produce Excellence in Foodservice Award winners shared their labor experiences during a July 13 webinar.

Get used to these conditions in foodservice, experts say

- General News
While they didn’t dare use the term “new normal” to describe the conditions in the foodservice industry, several leaders said to expect things to look like this for a while.

United Fresh joins non-profits in urging more produce purchases for feeding programs

- General News
The United Fresh Produce Association joined a group of non-profit organizations and schools to send a letter to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack regarding implementation of USDA's recent $1 billion announcement around emergency feeding.

Transportation costs will remain high for years, experts say

- General News
The market dynamics that have led to higher transportation costs were a long time coming and won’t quickly be solved.

Sustainability as incremental improvements

- General News
A company does not become sustainable overnight. It starts and continues with making incremental improvements.

United Fresh plans for in-person Washington Conference

- General News
Members of the produce industry will join together to make their voices heard at the 2021 Annual Washington Conference taking place September 20-22 in person at the Grand Hyatt in Washington, DC.

Tips to better attract and retain labor

- General News
The produce industry has trouble finding enough labor during normal times, so when the labor market is especially tight, like now, it hurts that much more.

Government regulators eye food waste

- General News
As food waste becomes a bigger issue for American consumers the need for federal or local legislation may not be as urgent.

Billions in mystery from USDA

- Analysis
Naturally, we want to know what’s in all those USDA billion for the fresh produce industry.

United Fresh says USDA’s nutrition efforts fall short on fresh produce goals

- General News
We share the USDA Secretary’s commitment to address nutrition insecurity and, accordingly, are concerned that this proposal falls short of providing sufficient access to fresh produce to meet that goal.