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CPMA Retail Tour Stop 3: Provigo

- Produce Blueprints
This Provigo is one of the signature Loblaws orange floor concepts, with fresh-cut done in view of shoppers, lots of organics, and a wide assortment of the company's "imperfect" brand.

CPMA retail tour stop 2: Marché Adonis

- General News
This is stop 2 for my walking retail tour in downtown Montreal. Adonis is Metro banner, purchased in 2011.

CPMA retail tour stop 1: IGA

- Produce with Pamela
There's no official bus tour for the Canadian Produce Marketing Association convention this year, but organizers were kind enough to give walking directions to a quartet of stores within range of the event, so accepted the step challenge. 

Produce brands have a little fun with April Fool’s

- Produce with Pamela
April Fool’s Day gives us all a chance to have a lighthearted laugh in the produce industry.

Americans are spoiled — in a good way — when it comes to apples

- Produce with Pamela
I often encounter people turning up their nose at our lack of seasonality in some categories, saying maybe we shouldn’t have some fresh produce items on shelves 52 weeks a year and should learn to appreciate produce that is at its peak and turn to other foods in the off-season.   I respectfully disagree in some cases, and especially with apples.  

Don’t discount the dollar store

- Produce Blueprints
While I may live in one of the most enviable places in the world for grocery shoppers—Austin, TX, a place where I can reach one of the world’s best grocery stores in less than 10 minutes—I’ll never forget my roots.

Spreading the Joy of Fresh in-person, and beyond

- Produce with Pamela
I think there is a lot of opportunity, particularly for consumer-facing produce and floral brands to reach an influential audience. SXSW has a reach far broader than just the in-person appeal.

Small formats win big in USA Today supermarket brand list

- Produce with Pamela
For the second year in a row, Greensboro, NC-based The Fresh Market garnered the “Best Supermarket in America” award from a USA Today-backed vote naming the Top 10 Best Supermarket Brands in the U.S.

Indoor vs. field-grown romaine: a comparison

- Produce with Pamela
Indoor farming, especially for leafy greens, is expanding rapidly in North America. Is it a threat to field-grown lettuce?

Target’s grocery has some catching up to do

- Produce with Pamela
You know how Target has that reputation for hypnotizing customers (typically suburban moms) into walking in for cat litter and somehow spending $170 on curtains, clothing, and napkin rings?   I must have become immune somewhere along the way.