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Survey shows packaged fruit growing, but consumers still prefer bulk

- General News
Although packaged fruit preference is increasing, bulk fruit accounts for a larger share of total sales.

Survey: Consumers prefer fruit for snacking

- General News
As adults continue to snack more than ever, the survey revealed that fueling up with fruit is one of the top ways to feel better while snacking, with more than two-thirds of adults reaching for fruit when they want to feel their best.

Drought could lower Chilean fruit exports by 8%

- International
Chile has been hit by an unprecedented drought for more than 10 years now, with the lack of rainfall leaving arid fields and a growing concern in the agricultural sector.

Summer fruit needs a boost

- Featured
Oranges have proven impulse-proof week after week. How can we give the rest of the department the boost it needs? 

An injection of fruit in the cereal aisle

- General News

An Israeli company aims to transform the cereal aisle by using fruit instead of sugar. Gat …