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Survey: Consumers prefer fruit for snacking

Raspberry availability has increased more than 350% in the past 10 years, thanks to greater supply…and a shift in consumer behavior.

Survey released today by Del Monte Foods, Inc. reveals new insights into snacking habits, including the best pick-me-up snacks, the growing trend of “snackstituting” and more.

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., June 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Del Monte Foods, Inc. released survey data1 on snacking attitudes and behaviors for U.S. consumers. As adults continue to snack more than ever, the survey revealed that fueling up with fruit is one of the top ways to feel better while snacking, with more than two-thirds of adults reaching for fruit when they want to feel their best. Adults are also seeking to relive the joy of their childhood snacks, with fruit cups and fruit snacks topping the list of snacks they wish were more geared toward adults. The survey is timed with the release of two new flavors of Del Monte’s® Fruit Refreshers®, adult fruit snack cups which meet the need for nutritious, delicious and convenient snacks, and give consumers a grown-up version of the fruit cups they’ve been missing.

The survey revealed that a majority of general consumers regularly replace meals with snacks, with parents especially likely to “snackstitute.” And while taste, nutritional content and convenience top the list of what people are looking for in snacks, fruit, in particular, is a key component of what snackers are missing.

Survey highlights include:

  • As the act of “joy snacking” has gained popularity in recent months, fueling up with fruit is one of the best pick-me-ups: More than two-thirds of adults reach for fruit-based snacks when they want to feel their best – significantly higher than any other snack options.
  • Adults are missing their favorite childhood snacks like fruit cups, and parents intentionally seek out snacks that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults: More than a quarter of adults – and almost half of parents – wish fruit cups were more geared toward adults.
  • Summer calls for light, refreshing snack choices: Nearly all adults crave more refreshing snacks in the summer.
  • Parents are especially in need of snacks on-the-go, both for their kids and themselves: More than three-quarters of adults (85% parents vs. 70% non-parents) say convenience and portability are qualities they consider when purchasing snacks.
  • Snacks remain a universally enjoyed, consistent activity for all, but parents are more likely to replace meals with snacks: A majority of adults regularly replace meals with snacks, with parents much more likely to do so (eight in 10 parents vs. two-thirds of non-parents).
  • Fruit is a key component of what is currently missing from snacks: Taste and nutritional content top the list of what people are looking for in snacks, with more than a quarter of adults saying snacks are lacking in fruits.

“We’re thrilled to learn a bit more about the snacking attitudes of our consumer base and to be able to meet their desires with our Fruit Refreshers® product line,” says Brand Manager Chris Kocur. “The new flavors, Pineapple & Mango in Prickly Pear Flavored Fruit Water and Peaches in Honeysuckle Flavored Fruit Water, provide a delicious, convenient and refreshing snack for busy parents and adults in need of a mid-afternoon pick me up, or those who are looking for a grown-up version of the fruit cups they loved as children.”

Del Monte’s® Fruit Refreshers® are a portable, refreshing snacking option made with real fruit that help quench thirst while satisfying taste buds. They offer a one-two punch of exotic flavor while being an excellent source of Vitamin C, with each serving providing 70% of the daily value. Del Monte’s® Fruit Refreshers® are available at major retailers nationwide such as Walmart, Target, Publix and more, have no artificial sweeteners and are non-GMO2 and non-BPA lining3.

In addition to the two newly released flavors, existing products include Grapefruit & Oranges in Pomegranate Flavored Fruit Water, Peaches & Chia in Strawberry Dragon Fruit Flavored Fruit Water, Red Grapefruit in Guava Flavored Fruit Water and Pears & Chia in Blackberry Flavored Limeade. They are sold in 2 7-oz cups with an MSRP of $3.99.

For more information on Del Monte’s® Fruit Refreshers® including a store locator, visit, or follow Del Monte on Instagram for more summer fun.

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