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ProduceIQ: Overall prices fall during heat-driven volatility

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Overall industry prices are falling quickly into August and will likely continue through the month. That said, the ProduceIQ Index remains at a record high for week #31.

ProduceIQ: Back-to-school demand can’t stop softening produce prices

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Despite back-to-school demand, overall produce prices are on the decline. As a result, the ProduceIQ index is continuing its downward trend for the third week. We anticipate this soft-declining trend to continue despite extreme heat that is challenging supply.

Peruvian vegetable exports decrease by 3%

- International
Most people expected the growth of Peruvian vegetable exports to continue this year.

Why asparagus is a good fit for mechanical harvest

- Analysis
The produce industry sometimes talks about automation as members of a cult talk about a long-overdue messiah. Sometimes the prospect of salvation seems equally remote.

PAIA releases fresh asparagus statistics report

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The Peruvian Asparagus Importers Association (PAIA) has released its 2021/2022 Fresh Asparagus Statistics, Category Trends and Demographics Report.

ProduceIQ: Hot week coast-to-coast sees prices drop

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In time for Father's Day lunch, seasonal items are filling up the produce section of your favorite retailer. But unfortunately, produce demand is soft, and the early summer weather is already sweltering.

Michigan asparagus season in full swing

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As they do every year, consumers eagerly awaited the arrival of this season’s crop of Michigan asparagus, and though the harvest was delayed by about a week, the excitement of those awaiting its arrival did not subside.

Peruvian asparagus imports continue to climb

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In 2021, U.S. imports from Peru increased 9% over the previous year, according to USDA statistics, to 224,871,286 pounds.

Washington asparagus hits stores this week

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Washington State’s family farmers and packers are readying for the 2022 season with their fresh, vibrant asparagus available at regional supermarkets, farmers markets and restaurants this week, into June.

GRAPHIC: A look at rising demand for asparagus

- Analysis
Asparagus volume in the U.S. rose 25 percent from 2020 to 2021, with nearly two-thirds coming from Mexico and almost one-third from Peru.