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Kaliroy Fresh to debut new tomato packaging at Viva Fresh

kaliroy clamshell

At Viva Fresh in Houston, Texas, April 11 – 13, 2024, Kaliroy Fresh LLC BB #:284503 will be officially launching a new, exclusive peel back shaker snacking tomato clamshell made from recycled PET.

The design of the clamshell was inspired by the architecture of a greenhouse structure. Please visit Booth #1110 to see the product in person! The unique and memorable design allows the clamshell to be shipped as a “commodity” pint clamshell without the need for new item set up, however it has a consumer-friendly peel back label with a shaker feature.

Kaliroy Fresh has invested heavily in year-round production of snacking tomatoes, including Grape, Mixed Medley, and Cherry. Kaliroy has found that snacking tomatoes grow perfectly year-round at their Jalisco campus, which is like the “Napa Valley” of tomatoes. If you are looking for a new peel back shaker snacking tomato clamshell alternative to what is currently available in the market, that comes with consistent supply, please consider making the change.

We grow snacking tomato varieties with great flavor, yield, and resistances. We have a robust research and development program, and we are constantly testing new varieties. Our vision is to become the new leader in the snacking tomato category, with plenty of in-house acreage to dominate the market.

Kaliroy Fresh continues to invest in additional acreage and volumes, as well as production in Baja California, in addition to Jalisco and Sinaloa, which has enabled Kaliroy Fresh to be the premier option for year-round, fully vertically integrated tomato supply, without any outside growers, and full ownership over the entire supply chain from land to the end customer. We are the actual grower.

Kaliroy Fresh produces Roma, Round, Grape, Mixed Medley Tomatoes, and recently added dedicated acreages on new items including Cherry Tomatoes and Mini Sweet Peppers.

As pricing models and the world change, considering the volatile shifts in the exchange rate, lack of water, and inflation, Kaliroy Fresh continues to evolve in how it goes to market and establishes more equitable relationships for both sides in order to continue to cover costs, reinvest, and grow.

Kaliroy Fresh has the highest standard of Food Safety and Social Responsibility and is proud to be SA 8000 Certified.
Kaliroy Fresh is also in the process of creating a new web site, launching social media, exhibiting at more trade shows, and a brand refresh. Kaliroy Fresh is “shaking it up” a bit, just like their new exclusive “shaker” clamshell.

Kaliroy Fresh’s new tag line is “Cultivating Consistency” which speaks to one of their core strengths, which is consistent volume and quality year-round, delivering on time and in full.