Starr Ranch moves organic product from plastic to cardboard

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WENATCHEE, WA (Jan. 3, 2020) – Starr Ranch Growers BB #:113637 is extending its sustainability program …

Explaining Closed-loop vs. open-loop recycling

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Another exciting innovation in sustainable packaging is in the area of closed-loop recycling. In a closed-loop …

Sustainable packaging solutions improve

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Packaging companies long ago discovered that producing a recyclable package for fresh fruits or vegetables does …

Sustainable packaging evolves with consumer demand

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The conversation regarding sustainable packaging is central in today’s perishables industry, as consumer demand for sustainability …

Being anti-plastic is anti-environment

- Analysis
Consumers’ desire to cut down on plastic waste comes from a good place, but the latest pressure would do more environmental damage than systems in place now.

Canadian Produce Marketing Association and VCM International Release Plastic Packaging Technical Report and Roadmap

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The Technical Report details the results of months of research on Canadian and global plastic use, focusing on the fresh fruit and vegetable supply chain’s impact.

Packaging innovation benefits everyone

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The future of produce packaging won’t just benefit growers, suppliers, and consumers, it should be better …

Europe shows benefits and dangers of packaging revolution

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European packaging trends are on the mind of Dr. Eva Almenar, associate professor at Michigan State …

Produce packaging serves many purposes

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While critical to many companies’ approach to packaging innovation, environmental concerns are only part of the …

Plastic packaging moves in new directions

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Just as previous generations were raised on packaging made from wood, paper, and cardboard, today’s consumers …