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Review – Braga Farms Avocado Goddess chopped salad kit

produce with pamela

In this house, we’re very familiar with the Josie’s Organics brand of chopped salad kits, but I hadn’t had a chance to experience the conventional side of Braga Fresh Family Farms BB #:206762.

They reached out to me offering to send some samples, so our salad adventures continue!

And in the interest of transparency, they sent both Caesar and Avocado Goddess but the Caesar salads cuddled up a little too close to the ice packs and the lettuce got frozen in shipment. Ah well! Shipping salads for samples is a hit or miss. In the past, I had a company ship salad to me in Central Texas in the summer that had only one ice pack in the whole box. You can guess how well that turned out. And with the wild swings in temperatures we’ve had lately, too many ice packs is probably a good idea considering it was almost 100 degrees here this week.

We did the usual and put the salad kits in the fridge for a week to make it an accurate representation of how I abuse salads. I almost never eat them the same day I buy them and I suspect most consumers don’t either.

My boys are usually fans of flavor combos like Caesar and Mediterranean, so Avocado Goddess was a new combo for them. And c’mon. How could I not love a salad called Avocado Goddess? I AM the Avocado Goddess!

See what they think here. (And remember, you can watch TikToks from a web browser!)


Pamela Riemenschneider is the Retail Editor for Blue Book Services.