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Goldenberry Farms reports strong demand for fall-themed produce

Retailer demand climbs for fall themed produce
Goldenberry Farms is offering retailers Halloween-themed “Scarily Sweet” Merchandise this year, including limited edition RAMBOOS, blood oranges, dragon fruit, and more!

Goldenberry Farms hits maximum production of Halloween-themed RAMBOOS packaging, announces new organic and value items

Sep 21, 2023 – MIAMI, FL – Goldenberry Farms BB #:386167 has announced a new sales and volume record with its Fall-season themed “Scarily Good” fruit lineup this month.

The themed lineup was made available to retailers for pre-order in June and launched September 5, which includes special packaging for tropical berries, “Sweet and Spooky RAMBOOS”, blood oranges, red dragon fruit, and loose “spikey” rambutan.  Retailers are offered complimentary merchandising and assistance with local promotions.

One of the highlighted items for Goldenberry Farms is “Sweet and Spooky RAMBOOS” limited edition packaging, nominated a second time for a food innovation award.  The Halloween-inspired, vibrant labels create in-store merchandising displays with eye-catching presentations, in addition to giving parents more family-friendly fruit options to buy. 

In addition, Goldenberry Farms has added a new Halloween-themed ‘Ramboos Big Adventure’ spooky scenes to their Ramboos app, available on the App Store and Google Play free of charge.  

“Retailer demand was higher than we had anticipated, and it seems our “Scarily Good” Fall fruit lineup fit very well with seasonal campaigns and merchandising, we saw an unexpected surge in volumes and preorders.  We have found that each seasonal refresh adds a new spike in retail sales, so we are preparing now for a larger Holiday and New Year product rollout” commented Michelle Anders, product development manager.

“Consumers who love the product look forward to each seasonal set, and the change in color and label refresh the presentation for a new opportunity to sell first-time customers.”

Special clamshells produced with post-consumer (recycled) materials help protect the fruit, extend the shelf life, and help with in-store merchandising.

Goldenberry Farms has also announced their first arrivals in the U.S. market of Organic Limes (origin Colombia, Peru, and Mexico), as well as new value-packed limes (coming November 2023) and value-packaged dragon fruit.