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GBF awarded federal registration on Sweet Sugar Mango brand

GBF awarded federal registration on Sweet Sugar Mango brand
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The global fruit brand has expanded its branded product offerings with Sugar Mangos, juices, and powdered fruit products

MIAMI, FL – Goldenberry Farms has been awarded US federal Trademark protection for its Sweet Sugar Mango mark, a pocket-sized miniature mango with a thin, edible skin. This follows similar protections being granted to the company in various other international markets, including at origin in Colombia.

The unique brand of miniature mangos with sweet, red flesh and fragrant eating experience has been gaining popularity now for several years with consumers in Canada, Asia, and Europe, and will make a much-anticipated debut in the US Market the second week of April.    These small mangos are non-GMO and naturally grown and have a peak harvest season of April through August.  Unlike many other exotic mangos, Sweet Sugar Mangos do not have a fibrous taste.  

“US consumers will get their first taste of this sweet, pocket-sized mango with a full marketing and social media campaign titled “We’re Small, Sweet, and Easy to Eat.”  The program has already been signed on by top grocers and fruit distributors on both the East and West Coasts.

These naturally grown “pocket mangos” easily fit in the palm of your hand, and are unique due to their ability to be eaten with their skin, making them an ideal treat for kids or anytime snacking.” Commented Angela Meyers, spokesperson for the Goldenberry Farms.

“We are very excited to be offering these ultra-sweet miniature mangos to a new audience for the first time.  It’s one of the real pleasures of being in the fresh fruit business.

Goldenberry Farms expects to be able to deliver a limited launch of up to 80,000 cases this first season, with a focus towards produce-oriented grocers and markets, with more robust volumes expected for 2024.   Unlike generic mangos, Goldenberry Farms’ Sugar Mangos undergo a proprietary pre-harvest and cultivation method, with an immediate cool chain, and a patented, food-safe wash applied post-harvest to condition the fruit well for travel and the best possible taste and shelf life. 

Goldenberry Farms has also announced an expansion of its Sugar Mango line with other branded offerings, such as Sugar Mango branded juices, fresh-fruit powders, and limited POS merchandising. The company continues to develop proprietary harvest techniques to deliver this unique fruit with the best possible consumer presentation and maximum natural shelf life.

Goldenberry (GOLDEN) has announced a planned capitalization for Q4, significantly expanded the brands farm footprint, the construction of an advanced indoor growing plantation, and a consolidated food safety center in Colombia, with the intention to triple the output of shipments from both the Atlantic and Pacific ports, as well as aerial cargo shipments. 

The award-winning brand, known for it “Good things grow“ philosophy and sustainability methods, has captured the attention of key importers and distributors globally, with an ongoing presence in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. 

Sweet Sugar Mangos are uniquely grown on the Caribbean Coast, which features a terrain and unique microclimate to produce a (peach sized) miniature-mango.  Although the mango can be grown elsewhere, the flavor has not been able to be replicated, nor the fiber-less eating experience according to the company.  In the growing region, the fruit is commonly eaten with the skin, and can be enjoyed as a “pocket mango,” sliced or juiced.  The product is supported by a full social media and digital, as well as in-store marketing campaigns.

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 Goldenberry Farms is a grower, packer, and leading exporter of high-quality tropical fruit, as well as the owner of various IP, shelf-life technologies, and commercial trade brands.  The company has growing regions in Colombia, Ecuador, and the Caribbean, exporting via air and sea to distributors and retailers in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. 

Goldenberry Farms is known for its “Where Good Things Grow” approach to regenerative farming, focuses on soil health to commercially grow fruit naturally with longer shelf life and ideal taste profile.

Goldenberry Farms has been designated a “ZOMAC” company, for its commitment to rebuild communities and areas with the development of sustainable tropical fruit and produce.  For distribution, licensing, or business opportunities, contact us at