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Seasons Farm Fresh introduces seamless Rambutan program

Seasons Farm Fresh introduces seamless Rambutan program

August 14, 2023.  Retailers can easily implement a Honduran rambutan program from July through November via Seasons Farm Fresh. BB #:297467 The company is the largest exporter of rambutan from Honduras to North America, shipping about 25,000 pounds weekly via air during the season, and is now offering a streamlined program including clamshells to help retail sell this unique fruit.

“We have worked over the past eight years with our cooperative of growers to bring consistent volume and growth to customers all across the U.S. and Canada,” says Gabe Bernal, Vice-President at Seasons Farm Fresh Inc. in Miami, FL. “

According to Bernal, having a rambutan program brings diversity to a retailer’s shelves and entices shoppers to head to their stores for this unique item. “The popularity of this item has grown exponentially each year since we started in 2015,” he says. “It has moved from being a nostalgic item to becoming a well-known treat for those who originate from or have traveled to Central America or Southeast Asia, as well as for millennials who love this ‘hairy’ fruit.”

Bernal explains the fruit’s appeal given its distinct aesthetic and portability. “With its soft ‘hairs’ on the outside and juicy white/clear fruit on the inside, which is extremely refreshing, it stands out,” he says. “It’s a great grab-and-go snack for kids and adults who want to try something new rather than the average grape, blueberry or cherry.”

In addition to the five-pound bulk boxes, the company also offers a clamshell program of six 12-ounce clamshells per box (120 to 150 boxes per pallet). “These are flown in by air starting in July with fixed pricing until November,” says Bernal. “We control all of the operations and logistics so that the buyer only needs to focus on receiving the product or picking it up from our Miami warehouse. Our goal is to make the implementation of this product as streamlined as possible for customers.”

The program is backed by a state-of-the-art packing facility and hydro-cooling system in Honduras. “This has helped extend the shelf life and outside appearance of our rambutan,” says Bernal. “We see less blackening of tips on the outside of the fruit. Our farms and warehouse that we work with all have food safety and Global GAP certifications in place to ensure the integrity and quality of our product.”

Bernal encourages buyers to reach out to discuss the opportunities in rambutan. “We welcome in-depth conversations with both the buyers and merchandisers of our products,” he says. “We can work with them to make POS material as effective as possible. The only way to grow a program is to support the retailers who believe in our vision behind this product – that rambutan will be a household name in bite-sized fruit within the upcoming years!”

About Seasons Farm Fresh

Seasons Farm Fresh (SFF) is a family-owned, importer and wholesale distributor of tropical/specialty produce from Florida and around the world, including Central/South America, the Caribbean, South Africa and beyond. SFF sources directly from the finest packinghouses and farms, upholding diligent supply chain management best practices to the final customer. From neighborhood markets to regional suppliers, to leading retail chains, SFF is proud of building winning relationships since 2011. SFF is also a certified Minority Business Enterprise (#FL05260) under the National Minority Supplier Development Council.