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California Avocado Commission shares plan to celebrate Avocado Month in June

Celebrate California Avocado Month in June with Chef Brooke Williamson
Chef Brooke Williamson celebrates California Avocado Month in June with the California Avocado Commission (Photo: Business Wire)

IRVINE, Calif. – The California Avocado Commission BB #:145028 invites avocado lovers to celebrate California Avocado Month this June.

Grown in the Golden State from San Diego to Monterey by about 3,000 growers, California avocado season generally runs from spring through summer, making June a perfect time to explore every delicious opportunity to sink your teeth into them.

Widely known as a winner of Bravo’s Top Chef, the first winner of Food Network’s Tournament of Champions, and most recently as one of the three titans on the Food Network’s new cut-throat competition Bobby’s Triple Threat, Chef Brooke Williamson joins CAC in celebrating California Avocado Month by developing two fresh and unique California avocado-inspired dishes for summer.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, and a keeper of a fruitful home garden herself, Chef Williamson has an appreciation for in-season produce, which helps shape and inspire her menu both at work and at home.

“As a SoCal native, fresh and locally sourced ingredients, like in-season California avocados, are indispensable in my kitchen, especially during the warm summer months,” said Chef Williamson. “I love the versatility of the fruit, and how it adds dynamic flavor, color and texture to virtually any dish. Whether you’re cooking up a vibrant seafood dish or baking your favorite dessert, California avocados pair beautifully with other ingredients, taking your recipes to the next level.”

Chef Williamson’s love of California-inspired cuisine is highlighted in her Braised Short Rib on California Avocado Tahini Puree, which pairs melt-in-your-mouth short ribs with tangy, velvety California Avocado Tahini Puree for a satisfying and flavor-packed dish you’ll crave all summer long, and beyond. For those with a sweet tooth, Chef Williamson’s California Avocado Chocolate Mousse Layer Cake features cool and creamy California Avocado Mousse sandwiched between layers of decadent chocolate cake for the perfect make-ahead dessert.

Additionally, her Braised Short Rib on California Avocado Tahini Puree recipe will debut at her popular beachside restaurant in Playa del Rey, Playa Provisions, during the month of June for a limited time for fans of Chef Williamson and California avocados alike to experience in person.

California avocados are not only a key ingredient in Chef Williamson’s featured recipes, but they are also a heart-healthy superfood that provides naturally “good” fats and are sodium-, cholesterol- and trans fat-free. One-third of a medium avocado (50 g) has 80 calories and contributes nearly 20 vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, making it a nutrient-dense choice.

View Chef Williamson’s recipes here:

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