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2023 Michigan asparagus season kicks off

2023 Michigan asparagus season kicks off

DEWITT, MICH. – The Michigan Asparagus season is almost here, and consumers are excited to head into stores to incorporate this popular summer vegetable into their meal plans.

Harvest preparation is underway, and growers are working diligently to deliver fresh asparagus from the field to retail shelves. This year’s crop promises thick, tender, and firm asparagus – all signs of a nutritious and flavorful harvest.

With summer fast approaching, consumers seek foods that cater to a healthy lifestyle, and asparagus provides essential vitamins and minerals vital to a healthy daily calorie intake. The superior quality and delectable attributes of Michigan-grown asparagus allow consumers to create restaurant quality side dishes in their own kitchens.

When shopping in stores or at supermarkets, consumers can look for “Michigan Grown” labels indicating locally grown US products. There are more than 100 Michigan farm families committed to providing premium, sustainable products.

“Michigan asparagus growers and fresh packers are committed to delivering a superior product to the market again this year,” says Sarah Greiner of Todd Greiner Farms and Chair of the Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board (MAAB) BB #:162478. “This Michigan asparagus season is positioned to meet our consumers’ expressed desire to purchase a local and more sustainable product.”

Jamie Clover Adams, executive director of the MAAB added, “Everyone has felt inflation’s impact on consumer buying behavior. Michigan asparagus provides value – a high quality, flavorful vegetable that consumers needn’t worry about going bad in the refrigerator before they have a chance to serve it to their families.”

While navigating our current economic climate remains a top concern, consumers can rest assured that the industry has devoted its efforts to delivering a fresh and flavorful crop. Growers are aware that asparagus is a staple vegetable vital to grilling and barbecue festivities. Their efforts are the determining factor that will drive sales and draw consumers to produce departments.

The MAAB is gearing up to support sales for the 2023 season beginning in May. The grower funded research and promotion agency is making a significant investment in in-store promotion to move volumes, as well as engaging with social media influencers and on-trend recipe creators to build excitement around Michigan asparagus.  MAAB plans to release a consumer-focused social and video campaign to drive consumption. 

About the Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board

The Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board (MAAB) promotes the production and consumption of Michigan asparagus nationwide. The organization is dedicated to sharing the virtues of asparagus, while also assisting with agricultural research and the development of asparagus farming. The MAAB is funded by Michigan Asparagus growers.