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Mushrooms remain a trending food in 2023

Mushrooms Continue Trending in 2023

Mushrooms Continue Longtime Record for Placing High Atop Annual Food Forecasts

January each year marks food trend forecast season, and over the past several years, the mighty fresh mushroom has placed high atop annual culinary forecasts served up by media and other trend spotters. Last year, after the New York Times named mushrooms the “Ingredient of the Year”, the Mushroom Council BB #:161860 wondered, would there be a sequel for 2023?

The answer is a resounding “yes” as media outlets, culinary influencers and even retailers nationwide in recent weeks named fresh mushrooms a 2023 food to watch.

Mushroom Council rounds up its top dozen favorite recent 2023 food trend forecasts featuring fresh mushrooms:

  1. “One last ingredient that is going to be everywhere in 2023 is the beloved mushroom.” – Parade
  1. “Mushrooms are going to shine next year.” – Southern Living
  1. “Mushrooms are exploding as a plant-based meat alternative.” – Restaurant Business
  1. “Look for more mushroom snacks and unique varieties like Lion’s Mane.” – Datassential
  1. “In addition to serving mushrooms as a main or a side dish, mushroom cocktails are a hot new thing this fall and winter.” – Catersource
  1. “Consuming mushrooms…has been a growing food fad for several years and shows no signs of stopping in 2023 and beyond.” – The Daily Meal
  1. “Mushrooms will solidify their place as the ultimate plant-based superfood in 2023.” – Spoon University
  1. “In 2023 look for continued growth in specialty mushrooms.” – Morton Williams Supermarkets
  1. “These fantastic fungi [are] pretty magical.” – Mashed
  1. “Consumers have been turning to these veggies in recent years for their robust flavor, toothsome texture, and brain-boosting benefits.” – Chef’store
  1. “Fungi in their many forms have exploded in the public imagination in recent times.” – Karma Community
  1. “We will see mushrooms everywhere.” – Touch Bistro
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