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A coming produce item: Fresh sea vegetables

- Analysis
We have to consider the possibility that kelp, along with other sea vegetables, is about to enter the mainstream of the eating world—or at any rate to become the latest food fad.

FreshDirect expects home cooking, online ordering to continue boom in 2021

- Retail
The rapid increase in demand for online grocery and the boom in home cooking are squarely aligned with what our team of food experts have been seeing firsthand, both early last year and later accelerated by the pandemic,” said Scott Crawford, Chief Merchandising Officer, FreshDirect.

Technomic releases 2021 foodservice industry predictions

- General News
A greater assortment of mushrooms, immunity boosting fruits and vegetables, and more leafy greens are all on the menu, according to Technomic.

ProduceIQ: Top 10 drivers affecting 2021’s fresh produce market – Part 1

- Featured
ProduceIQ is bringing a bonus gift in addition to its weekly market highlights: a look to 2021, analyzing the "new normal" of 2020, and the challenges/opportunities expected to persist in in the coming months. 

Kroger’s seven food trend predictions for 2021

- Retail
From no-cry onions to in-store hydroponic farms to plant-based coatings like Apeel that extend the shelf life of produce, shoppers will see more innovative solutions launch in the coming year to help keep their favorite fruits and vegetables at the peak of freshness longer.

Instacart reveals 2021 grocery trends

- Retail
Consumers will be looking for more exotic spices, keto foods, and local retail options in 2021, according to San Francisco-based Instacart.

Selling health at foodservice may work this time

- Analysis
Maybe, during a pandemic, a health message can resonate in foodservice like it is in retail.

How fresh produce can hitch up to well-being and immunity trends

- Produce with Pamela
The insightful list is a mix carefully curated everyday items and wacky things no one but the trendiest of foodies has ever heard of (think of last year’s tiger nut flour.)  

Whole Foods Market Forecasts Top 10 Food Trends for 2021

- Retail
Ever tried fruit or veggie jerky? It's a top trend for 2021, according to Whole Foods Market.

DMA Solutions releases Food Trends and Insights For 2020

- General News

DALLAS, Jan. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — DMA Solutions, a full-service marketing agency exclusively serving the fresh …