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Curious Plot releases four foodie trends for 2024


MINNEAPOLIS (Dec. 12, 2023) – What’s next for food trends in 2024 and beyond? According to the consumers most likely to set these trends, think cooking skills, global flavors, sustainability, and functional ingredients.

These are among the findings in Curious Plot’s first ever “Consumer Curiosity Report,” a national survey of more than 700 food-forward consumers to gauge their curiosity on culinary, nutrition and sustainability topics. Download the next chapter of the report, “Four Curiosities that will Influence 2024 Food Trends,” featuring additional findings centered on forthcoming food trends.

Curious Plot is a food and agriculture marketing, communications and consulting agency representing an array of produce brands and organizations.

“Curiosities become actions and actions become trends,” said Amy Wood, SVP of Food Strategy at Curious Plot, which conducted the survey. “With this study, we selectively honed in on early food adopters across multiple generations and geographies who would be considered among the first to discover and embrace new food ideas and practices. As a result, we’re able to get a rare and distinct look at where the consumer food mindset is taking us.”

Wood shares four foodie curiosities from the report to pay attention to in the year ahead:

  1. We will have an endless appetite for discovering new and simple cooking skills. In an increasingly busy world where inflationary pressures linger, people will be looking for easy meals that can be prepared quickly.
    • 85% of those surveyed were curious about cooking easy meals that can be prepared in less than 30 minutes.
    • 86% wanted to learn new cooking skills and tips, with younger generations much more curious than older.
    • 79% are curious about new ways to prepare veggies.
    • 65% want to learn new ways to prepare seafood.
  2. We will be eager to explore new global flavors and snacks. While we want to keep it simple, we also want to look beyond our borders for culinary inspiration.
    • 78% are curious about cooking new global flavors and cuisines.
    • From Gen Z to boomers, global curiosity transcends all generations.
    • In addition, 81% of all foodies are interested in exploring more snack ideas, underscoring our evolving habits for more frequent, individualized, snack-centric meals.
  3. We will want to make a personal impact through sustainable food choices. From sustainable farming practices to food waste, consumers – especially Gen Z – will be taking an even harder look at how we eat and the impacts on the planet.
    • 64% are very or extremely curious about reducing food waste with Gen Z more likely to be extremely curious.
    • 46% are very or extremely curious about climate-friendly foods with Gen Z and millennials outpacing Gen X and baby boomers in their interest.
  4. We will be seeking improved health and happiness through functional foods. Look for curious foodies across all generations to drive functional ingredients more into the mainstream.
    • 72% are curious about foods with gut health benefits.
    • 71% are curious about foods with cognitive health benefits.
    • 65% want to know more about immunity-boosting recipes.
    • 63% are curious about mood-boosting foods, particularly among younger generations.

To learn more, download Curious Plot’s Consumer Curiosity Report at

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