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Driscoll’s campaign highlights premium strawberries

Driscoll’s Summer of Sweetness Brings Fresh Brand Marketing Launches

WATSONVILLE, CALIF. — Driscoll’s has launched its latest digital projects, including its Berry Patch Sensory Wheels and a collection of “Specialty Strawberry Mini Sets” to support the brand’s high-flavor strawberry collection.

The new digital assets were timed with the return of Driscoll’s seasonal premium offering and bring the brand’s promise of providing Only the Finest Berries to life through custom creative, shareable online content.

Driscoll’s Sweetest Batch, Rosè Berries and Tropical Bliss


Driscoll’s is the first fresh berry company to offer three very different high-flavor strawberries mapped to a proprietary sensory wheel.

Driscoll’s Berry Patch Sensory Wheels are the first of its kind in the berry industry designed to capture the full sensory spectrum of tasting any of Driscoll’s berry. The Driscoll’s Strawberry Sensory Wheel which launched in May with the launch of the new Tropical Bliss berries, enhances Driscoll’s ability to communicate flavor to its berry consumers, and highlights the brands continuous pursuit of flavor.

“As the leading berry brand, Driscoll’s is always looking for the next opportunity to innovate and we knew we wanted to reach consumers digitally in launching this summer’s premium high-flavor berries,” said Ashley Capurro, digital marketing manager, Driscoll’s. “The consumer response to our summer content has been incredible and we’re pleased to share both educational and compelling content through our digital platforms.”

Driscoll’s latest digital content launch will go live in early September on the brand’s social media channels, including Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. For its take on the “miniature art” trend that has dominated social media for many months, Driscoll’s created three “Mini Moments of Sweetness” that transport its premium berries to their own miniature getaways for a sweet escape from the ordinary.

Driscoll’s new content aims to drive awareness for its premium collection and reinforce the differences between each of its premium berries, including Tropical Bliss, Sweetest Batch and Rosé Berries.

“We knew we wanted to tap into both the latest trends and our expertise in berries to successfully launch our premium berries through our owned channels and educate consumers about the berries’ flavor profiles in a fun and engaging way,” said Evelyn Martinez, digital marketing specialist, Driscoll’s. “We’re excited to see how consumers interact with the Specialty Strawberry Mini Sets content on our channels, as the new digital assets are all meant to be shared with friends and family.”

Driscoll’s has paired the launch of the Berry Patch Sensory Wheels and “Specialty Strawberry Mini Sets” with the official launch of a brand TikTok channel, which will feature educational, inspirational, and entertaining content. This latest addition to their social media channel portfolio is another example of how Driscoll’s is directly engaging with consumers, including the next generation of berry lovers.

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Driscoll’s is the global market leader of fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. With more than 100 years of farming heritage, Driscoll’s is a pioneer of berry flavor innovation and the trusted consumer brand of Only the Finest Berries. With more than 900 independent growers around the world, Driscoll’s develops exclusive patented berry varieties using only natural breeding methods that focus on growing great tasting berries. A dedicated team of agronomists, breeders, sensory analysts, plant pathologists and entomologists help grow baby seedlings that are then grown on local family farms. Driscoll’s now serves consumers year-round across North America, Australia, Europe and China in over twenty-two countries.