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Oppy partnership expands Mexican avocado supplies

oppy avoworks avocados

TEMECULA, California — A unique opportunity to keep shelves stocked with high quality Mexican avocados has arrived, thanks to the addition of AvoWorks to the Oppy BB #:116424-Eco Farms BB #:295519 go-to-market strategy.

Avoworks, a recently formed consortium featuring Michoacán grower-packers Adeac, AvoHit and La Viña and featuring a ripening center in McAllen, Texas, began shipping through the Oppy-Eco Farms network in late March.

“We’re excited that Avoworks chose Oppy and Eco Farms to build their U.S. sales,” said Rodrigo Lopez, avocado category director for the leading fresh produce grower, marketer and distributor.

Rodrigo Lopez

“Between the producers that make up Avoworks, we now have the capacity to grow and pack very significant volumes of avocados for the market. While Oppy’s avocado category has grown strategically after acquiring a controlling interest in Eco Farms, we recognize the potential that comes with even greater, constantly reliable supply.”

Lopez notes that this model offers a distinct advantage over the industry’s typical, more transactional supply approach.

AvoWorks Manager Pedro Somarriba concurs, “Together we’re bringing forward a vertically integrated solution — centered in continuity and integrity of supply — provided by a trio of esteemed producers, and channeled through Oppy’s sales and marketing structure. We are positioned to participate in significant retail programs while consistently meeting the needs of customers large and small.”

Pedro Somarriba

Somarriba noted that the fruit marketed by the partnership will be co-branded as Avoworks and Eco Farms, to distinguish its quality at the trade level, and looks forward to collaborating with Oppy on innovations that add value at retail. An added advantage is AvoHit’s brand new state-of-the-art packing facility, which opened in February 2022.

“Avocado demand shows no sign of waning, nor does the opportunity to capture the valuable sales dollars they drive at retail, so consistent supply is critical,” said Oppy’s Mark Smith, who directs sales and strategy for the Oppy-Eco Farms initiative. “By adding AvoWorks to our grower network, we can smooth out some of the volume dynamics that can affect the flow of Mexican avocados into the market.”

Eco Farms President Steve Taft summed up, “We are pleased to have the Avoworks group as one of our key partners. Having consistent high quality fruit is very important for us and our customers, so we’re looking forward to generating great results with this program.”

About Avoworks
The three partners who form Avoworks – ADEAC, Avohit and La Viña – have all been active in avocado growing and processing for many years. In addition to fresh avocados, they also provide value-added processes including avocado oil extraction and bottling as well as production of guacamole.

Another common theme of the partners is that each is a family-owned and managed operation with family members actively participating in the business. The group believes that the common values inherent to family businesses are crucial to foster a shared business vision.

Each of the partners have been selling their fruit in the U.S. market for many years through third-party distributors. Given the continued growth in the category, it made sense to combine efforts and present a diversified and quality solution to the trade and consumers in the U.S.

About Oppy
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About Eco Farms
Marketing extensive varieties of organic and conventional avocados, citrus, and exotic fruits like kumquats and dragon fruit, Eco Farms grows on over 700 acres in California. A pioneer in importing avocados from Chile and Mexico, Eco Farms partners with local producers a well as growers from Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru. Eco Farms supplies its retail and food service partners from its headquarters in Temecula, California and from regional ripening and distribution centers across the U.S. and Canada. Go to to learn more.