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AMLO proposes 20% rise in Mexican minimum wage

- Analysis
The gap in pay between the U.S. and Mexico remains huge, but it has been shrinking as Mexico’s minimum wage has significantly increased over the last 4 years.

WTO lists Top 10 global avocado exporters

- International
Mexico, the Netherlands, and Peru lead the world ranking of the world’s top avocado exporters of 2021 (measured by value).

NatureSweet’s ‘Cherubs To Go’ debuts in 7-Eleven stores in Mexico

- General News
The producer of the number one small tomato snack in the United States, NatureSweet, is introducing its popular To Go product in Mexico.

A & A Organic Farms starts early Valencia orange season

- General News
A&A Organic Farms out of Watsonville, Ca. is now shipping Organic Early Valencia Oranges from Mexico.

Thick rinds may lead to grapefruit shortage

- Analysis
Will there be any Mexican grapefruit on the market this winter? Possibly not, because under pressure from legislators from grapefruit-producing states Florida and Texas, USDA has reinstated a juice content standard for imported grapefruit.

Mexican grapefruit import ban strains produce markets

- Analysis
Once again, with the help of arcane technicalities and the muscle of their states’ Congressional delegations, grapefruit growers from the southern United States – especially from Florida – have succeeded in nearly shutting down the importation of grapefruit from Mexico.

USTR ruling: everybody’s happy

- Analysis
Usually, this kind of ruling infuriates one side or another. But in this case, all parties sound surprisingly happy.

Florida Strawberry Growers Association statement on USTR’s Section 301 investigation

- General News
The Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) sent out a promising press release yesterday in response to the bipartisan effort led by Sen. Marco Rubio requesting for a formal Section 301 investigation on September 8, 2022.

Michoacan avocado exports grew by 25.2%

- General News
Avocado exports from Michoacan, Mexico, to the U.S. reached 135,000 tons registering a 25.3 percent growth this year.

USApple’s statement on USTR rejection of 301 investigation

- General News
Statement by Jim Bair, President & CEO, U.S. Apple Association