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New restaurant robot has “eyes” and “arms” to identify, serve dishes


SHENZHEN, China, April 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Pudu Robotics, the global leader in commercial service robots, has recently unveiled PUDU A1, its first compound delivery robot designed for employment in a restaurant setting. Leveraging several of the company’s proprietary technologies, including food recognition, positioning and grasping technology, laser SLAM and visual SLAM, the robot incorporates the mechanical arm into the restaurant scenario, bridging the “divide” between the kitchen and the dining table.

“Pudu Robotics has been continuously enriching the service space and expanding application scenarios ever since we rolled out our first product. We have launched a variety of service robots in the restaurant scenario, including food serving, dish collecting and handling, welcoming and seating of diners, and general cleaning. The PUDU A1 represents the next stage in the development of delivery services based on technology accumulation, enabling more complete, comprehensive and perfected services.” said Felix Zhang, founder and CEO of Pudu Robotics.

Thanks to PUDU’s proprietary food recognition technology, PUDU A1 can skillfully identify the different types of food being served through deep learning. Combined with PUDU’s visual positioning and grasping technology, the mechanical arm can accurately locate the plates in real time and grip correctly to ensure transfer to the designated table through communication with the restaurant’s management system.

Through PUDU’s proprietary laser SLAM and visual SLAM, PUDU A1 can achieve a stopping accuracy of ±7mm and offset the change of the robot’s center of gravity by using real-time computation based on the “adaptive module for dynamic center of gravity”, to ensure high stability.

Furthermore, using complex identification perception technology of the table environment, PUDU A1 calculates the space where the dishes are to be placed and correctly places the dishes on the table with optimal obstacle avoidance path planning in real time. Its multi-sensor categorization safety control system can assure customer harmony and avoid collisions in complicated, dynamic restaurant environments.

“PUDU A1, with ‘arms’ and ‘eyes’, is another industry first designed by Pudu Robotics based on our many years of expertise in the restaurant sector,” said Felix. “The integration of the mechanical arm and AI is also another advance in commercial delivery robots. With the fast expansion of the robot industry, we will continue to explore technological advances and innovate to provide consistent service, to produce robots that actually improve the efficiency of human production and living.”

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