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COVID-19 testing confirms Gebbers Farms prevention measures work

- General News
State COVID-19 testing at one of Washington’s largest fruit growers indicates that Gebbers Farms’ preventive measures have been effective at protecting workers, though the family-owned company continues to mourn the loss of three team members earlier this summer.

Robotic harvesting: The future comes closer

- Analysis
The U.S. produce industry seems to be trapped in a race against time. Will it solve its labor difficulties—exacerbated but not created by the coronavirus—in time?

A way to tell your labor story

- General News
Many produce and retail companies have ethical and sustainable labor practices, but the challenge has been how to communicate that to partners and consumers. One way is to endorse the Ethical Charter on Responsible Labor Practices, and then follow its framework.

Getting help to growers during the pandemic

- General News
News reports have suggested that the COVID-19 virus is raging through rural areas, such as Salinas, CA, and putting crops at risk of not being harvested. Not so says a local association.

Some ways to fix H-2A

- Analysis
It’s a widespread complaint: The H-2A program doesn’t work well, and it should be fixed.

One solution to the perennial labor problem

- Analysis
I keep coming back to the subject of labor because it is the biggest issue in the produce industry. It will remain so long after the situation in the United States approaches something closer to normal.

How to think about farm labor: an app

- Analysis
Last week I set out some of the basic requirements for a solution to the farm labor issue. This week I will look at one possible solution.

How to think about farm labor

- Analysis
It’s my custom, when I interview sources, to ask what their greatest concern is for their business or the industry. The answer almost always comes back the same: labor.

Water and labor hold back cherry growers

- Produce Blueprints

In California, water is an eternally hot topic with a familiar refrain: farmers complain that in …

USDA and Labor Department partner to help H-2A employers

- General News

Washington, D.C., March 19, 2020 – U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue today announced a partnership …