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Hire-ready students expected at Viva Fresh

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Are you looking for new employees… either interns or full-time new hires? In just ONE DAY the future of our supply chain will be ready to talk to you about who they are and how they can make a difference within your company.

We are excited to bring more than 40 students from four Texas Universities to Viva Fresh. These students are from a variety of college programs with some ready to graduate in May, and others midway through their college degrees. The degrees paths include agriculture, accounting, finance, and more.

Each student has expressed an interest in learning more about the fresh produce industry and how they can fit in current and emerging sectors. In preparation of the event, many attending students have shared their resumes and bios which are posted on the EDGE website.


The students will be on the show floor from 9:00am-2:30 pm on Saturday, April 13th ready to interact with you and your employers. Please ensure to extend them a warm welcome and do not hesitate to chat with them about current or future jobs and internships within your companies.


The EDGE Breakfast is taking place from 7:30am-8:30am on Saturday, April 13th at the Scot Cotton Room-L2.

Note: You may only attend if you received confirmation from the EDGE coordinator that you were added to the final list.


Head over to our website for more information on our program, and learn how we are providing more opportunities for students to secure employment within the industry. If any questions arise on how you can support our program: Email me.

For the next generation to succeed, we need your help in bringing visibility to the opportunities that are out there in your companies and other sectors. Help us to show them why fresh produce is the industry for them.


A huge shoutout goes to the following sponsors for bringing the Viva Fresh EDGE program to life:
• Fresh Texas
• Texas Department of Agriculture
• Perricone Farms
• Delta Fresh Produce
• Grower Alliance LLC
• Sunview Marketing

Through their support, more than 40 + students throughout the state have the opportunity to attend Viva Fresh and interact with career professionals looking to employ the next generation.

Find Your Next Employee

Interested in learning more about our students? Scan the QR code below that will lead you to our Meet the Students section featuring in depth profiles including resumes, contact information, and bio’s detailing who they are, and why they are interested in becoming a part of our industry. So what are you waiting for? Check out who is attending so you can be one of the first companies to reach out to our program participants who are eager to show why they are a fit for your company!

• Ahead-of-time: If you think one of these students is a fit for your business make sure to reach out ahead of time to schedule an appointment to meet them on the show floor.
• Follow-up: If you do not have the chance to meet with the students due to prior commitments, be sure to reach out to them after the show.

About EDGE
Launched in 2017. Encouraging Discovery and Grown in Education (EDGE) program, originally known as Aggies For Fresh, is a networking opportunity to introduce students to internships and immediate job openings in the region’s fresh produce industry. The re-brand happened last year with the purpose of creating resources, and extending event opportunities to students throughout Texas colleges.