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Foodservice labor crunch: opportunity for value-added produce?

- Produce with Pamela
Operators are looking for any way to relieve pain points in the kitchen and optimize precious labor hours.

Survey shows labor problems holding back restaurant recovery

- General News
After a turbulent two years, business has returned to "normal-ish" for most restaurants, but the ongoing hospitality labor shortage is keeping many from operating at full capacity…and keeping eager consumers from getting a table at preferred eateries.

DoorDash releases the 100 most loved restaurants

- General News
A great DoorDash experience is not just about the food that's delivered; it's also about how it arrives, how long it took to get there, and much more.

Ally Robotics launches to open new era for attainable robotics

- General News
Ally Robotics – a startup making smart and affordable robotic arms – has launched a campaign to raise up to $8.5 million in seed capital via equity crowdfunding site WAX.

Fresh Technology Inc. closes $7M Series, launches improved restaurant technology

- General News
Fresh Technology Inc. (Fresh) announces the closing of its $7m Series A led by FINTOP Capital.

New restaurant robot has “eyes” and “arms” to identify, serve dishes

- General News
Thanks to the company's proprietary food recognition technology, PUDU A1 can skillfully identify the different types of food being served through deep learning.

Kroger division launches restaurant supply

- Retail
Kroger's Dallas Division is making it simpler for local restaurants to keep their customer-favorite items on the menu.

Restaurant365 reports rebound in restaurant sales

- General News
As the COVID-19 pandemic crosses its two-year mark, Restaurant365, the leading all-in-one restaurant management platform, today reported that sales across their customer base have increased since the onset of COVID-19, and restaurants show signs of being better positioned to invest in new technologies to continue to improve operations.

Toast Restaurant Trends Report shows sales up 41% year over year

- General News
Toast, the all-in-one platform built for restaurants, today announced the first edition of its quarterly Restaurant Trends Report, providing visibility into the overall state of the restaurant industry through aggregated sales data from restaurants on the Toast platform, which has approximately 57,000 locations as of the end of 2021 in the U.S.

Restaurant trend report shows growth of online, third-party app ordering

- General News
BentoBox, a website, e-commerce, and marketing platform for over 8,000 restaurant concepts worldwide, today released the fourth and final installment of its Restaurant Delivery Consumer Trend Report, as part of a year-long study tracking how U.S. consumers' delivery and takeout habits have evolved through COVID-19 recovery.