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Growers overcoming desert lettuce problems

markon lettuce ice
Lettuce fields in the desert growing region suffered from freeze damage in early January 2022.

Despite freezing temperatures that hit the Arizona/California desert growing region earlier this month, growers report volumes returning, prices dropping and improved quality.

In its weekly report to buyers, Markon Cooperative BB #:123315 says it has higher volume of premium grade iceberg and romaine lettuce.

On romaine lettuce, Markon says “Prices are inching down; supplies are increasing, while demand is weak. Quality is very good: fringe burn and light epidermal blistering/peeling are issues in some lots.”

Charts by Agtools

On iceberg, it says, “The market is steady. Quality is very good: wind and freeze damage are being trimmed from outer leaves at harvest. MFC Premium Iceberg Lettuce is available.

Markon director of quality assurance John Galvez shows in a video how the weather has affected lettuce quality and what harvesters are doing to preserve high quality standards. He also shows how the weather damage is different for iceberg versus romaine lettuce.


Greg Johnson is Director of Media Development for Blue Book Services