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Colombian ag exports reach new record in 2021

Colombia’s Ministry of Agriculture announced that ag exports set a new record by reaching $8.496 billion in 2021, with 27 countries having opened their markets to 57 Colombian products through the government’s Health Diplomacy strategy.

Agronegocios reports that this figure is 112 percent more than the goal established within the National Development Plan and 20 percent more than the $7.027 billion exported the previous year.

According to the report of the National Administrative Department of Statistics (Dane), traditional products such as coffee, bananas and flowers accounted for 62.8 percent, while non-traditional products represented 37.2 percent.

Among these non-traditional foods, the total amount was $3.162 billion. Colombia saw a considerable increase in beef and offal, with a 120.7 percent boost from last year; milk and its derivatives, with 85 percent; Tahiti lime, with 60.3 percent; passion fruit, with 55.1 percent; and avocado, with 50 percent increase over 2020.

The main destinations of Colombian exports during 2021 were the United States, with a participation of $3.147 billion, which represents 37.0 percent; Belgium, with $447 million, with a percentage of 5.3 percent; the Netherlands, with $399 million, representing 4.7 percent; and Germany, with $362 million, with a total of 4.3 percent.

Marco Campos is Media Coordinator, Latin America for Blue Book Services