Peru loses crown as world’s top asparagus exporter

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Peru lost its spot as the world’s top asparagus exporter because of phytosanitary requirements, but it has a plan to climb back.

PMA panel offers global trade tips

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ANAHEIM, CA – While it seems like global trade is in flux like never before, the …

Mexican avocados: En route to 2 million tons of exports by 2030

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Many times called “green gold,” Mexican avocados are one of the most appreciated agricultural products in the world allowing Mexico to market more than 635,000 tons globally.

Colombian avocado exports continue to rise

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El Dinero reports, through information from Dane and ProColombia, that during the first half of 2019 exports for avocados have increased by 37.6%.

Brexit may not provide many opportunities for the American exporters

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There are always opportunities, but there are probably no gaping holes for U.S. produce to fill.

Brexit could lead to produce shortages in Britain

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Reassuring news for the British public about a no-deal Brexit: they’re not likely to run out …

Ontario relies on imports but exports more than $1 billion in value

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Ontario is a major importer and exporter of fresh produce, with trade partners across the globe. …

USApple: exports, value down for 2018 crop

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PRESS RELEASE CHICAGO (August 22, 2019)—Apple exports for the 2018 crop were down 27 percent from …

Pear Bureau Northwest awarded $1.5 million in trade relief

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PRESS RELEASE PORTLAND, OR – August 13, 2019 – Pear Bureau Northwest BB #:162426 has been …