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Family Tree Farms unveils new brand

Family Tree Farms Header Final

Reedley, Calif. – Just like Family Tree Farms’ unique fruit, its new brand is anything but ordinary. Family Tree Farms’ BB #:169364 modernized brand preserves the heart and soul of its deep family roots while introducing a contemporary, consumer-focused story of the world’s most flavorful fruit.

This fresh positioning brings increased energy to the brand and creates an impactful presence that spotlights its exclusive blueberry and stone fruit varieties. While the original branding successfully communicated Family Tree Farms’ authenticity and freshness, this was an opportunity to draw attention to its unique flavor profiles and high-quality products.

“Flavor is at the forefront of what we do. This brand refresh is an opportunity to tell our story and our family commitment to providing the most flavorful fruit in the world. By having premium products in eye-catching packaging and graphics, we are able to communicate flavor in a bold way,” said co-owner David Jackson.

To help position the brand to deliver on its promise as the leader for unmatched flavor and quality, Family Tree Farms engaged strategic design agency Freshmade to launch its new brand identity, packaging, and website. “In the aisle, Family Tree Farms’ new packaging invites consumers to experience the sensational flavor of its signature varieties. We have developed a brand architecture that provides flexibility to showcase specialty products while building equity in the brand.” said David Edmundson, founding partner and creative director at Freshmade.

The new custom wordmark is distinctive and impactful, elevating quality perceptions and building equity across the entire portfolio. Our strategic color-coded system creates better visibility and consistency so consumers can easily find Family Tree Farms in the aisle. The new website serves as a resource for consumers to learn more about Family Tree Farms’ unique varieties and generates excitement around incredibly distinct flavor profiles.

“Consumers buy with their eyes. Designing packaging that created a disruption was imperative to this refresh. Commoditizing produce doesn’t lead the consumer to make an emotional connection with a brand; a unique personality does. We feel the new brand aesthetic best reflects who we are today and the level of quality our consumers have come to expect,” said Nicole Sandoval, Marketing Manager.

“Our desire is that consumers would recognize the brand of Family Tree Farms at shelf and that it would deliver on quality and flavor every time. We love to farm and bring unique taste experiences in fruit all across the produce aisle from berries to tree-fruit and we are thrilled to launch our new brand refresh.” says co-owner Andy Muxlow.

Visit the new site at to see the brand refresh come to life.

A Word from Family Tree Farms

Nestled in the heart of the Central San Joaquin Valley, Family Tree Farms has been built upon an all-out quest for flavor. We love to grow blueberries and stone fruit for the world to enjoy and have farms in California, Mexico and Peru. We consider it a privilege to come to work every day and believe a meaningful and fruitful life is built on a foundation of faith, hard work, and integrity. Our mission is to consistently produce, package and market the most flavorful fruit in the world.