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Argentine apple exports fall in early 2021

Argentina is off to a slow 2021 with apple exports.

According to the Agricultural Food Health and Quality Service (Senasa), during the first four months of 2021, the Rio Negro region exported 24,071 tons of apples, reflecting a 30 percent decrease when compared to the same period of last year and the lowest export volume of region’s history, as reported by Rio Negro.

Traditionally, the first semester sets a trend on what the season will be. Official statistics show that most of the destinations for this fruit showed negative numbers. Considering the slump, it is difficult for apple export volumes to end on a positive note at the end of 2021.

In line with this, shipments to the domestic market and stocks registered in cold storage also fell during this part of the year.

On another note, Senasa indicated that pear exports reached 171,865 tons during this time, reflecting a drop of 4 percent when compared to the same time period of last year.

Between apples and pears, the region shipping around 17,000 fewer tons of fruit, reflecting losses of just over $14 million during this time period.

Marco Campos is Media Coordinator, Latin America for Blue Book Services