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Attaining the “more’s” in your business

Who doesn’t want more? More money, hair (speaking personally), time off, success, happiness—you name it.

One of the reasons we work so hard is to have the means (money) to buy more.

Is there ever enough of more? Perhaps, not in our lust to attain whatever it is we value or want in life; the pull back, however, or the “governor” (think of a car holding back the speed) is limited by our ability to have more.

Supply and demand—the lines that intersect on a graph, depicting what we desire vs. the supply of resources necessary to obtain more—is a good economic representation of the reality of more.

As well, the ability to earn more to get more is, in part, determined by a firm’s Blue Book rating.

When a firm has a rating of XXX C or better, typically credit will be extended without much question. Below this threshold, not so much.

As the economy goes through its inevitable ups and downs, affecting all businesses in one form or another, securing credit can be a challenge.

Wouldn’t it be better to have a rating that will give you the ability to secure product or services, enabling you to conduct your business profitably, and eventually, give you the ability to have more?

You can start by working on the tools necessary to earn the best rating possible, including a listing of firms with whom you deal and copy of your firm’s latest financial statement (P & L, balance sheet, cash flow, for example).

To desire something is a human trait; to turn desires into reality, requires resources—which must be earned. It is interesting to listen to political candidates tout worthwhile desires, such as health care, jobs, the American dream, but what is missing is: from where will the resources come? Excuse me for asking, but is this not the 800-pound gorilla question?

Whether it be personal or macro more’s, resources are needed. In the produce industry, the ability to get resources is partly based on the ability to get credit, which is partially governed by Blue Book ratings.

Striving for more is a good thing. Go for it. Earn the right to have all the more’s you desire.


Jim Carr is the President and CEO of Blue Book Services Inc.