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Business changes faster than you think


If you think financial conditions cannot change in a hurry, think again. General Electric is a great example of a former financial behemoth that is now struggling to survive.

Not so long ago, GE was considered one of the premier companies in the world. Its business model, comprised of many different types of businesses, was touted as a sure-fire method by which companies could prosper, even amid economic turns and twists. Then came a change in CEO leadership, which quickly led to even more changes in the C suite, and an upheaval in business operations.

While GE’s outcome is yet to be written, watching such a highly-regarded company flounder is a reminder that nothing can be taken for granted.

We occasionally hear from business execs who say that because they have dealt with a group of vendors or customers for a long time, their need for business information is unnecessary, to which we say, “really”?

Do these smart business thinkers really believe that just because the past has been good, the future will continue to be so?

It is a fact: business changes daily.

In a world that is competitive and uncertain, do not take things for granted. Help yourself make the best business decisions possible.

We are here to help, and we’ll show you how to make the most out of your Blue Book membership.

Jim Carr is president and CEO of Blue Book Services Inc.