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Trucking Concerns: Hours of Service

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Most issues facing truckers are interconnected. The parking problem is tied into Hours Of Service requirements, which are set by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Trucking Concerns: Bad Roads, Bad Times

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It’s hardly news that much of the infrastructure of the United States—including its roadways—is long overdue for overhaul and upgrading.

Trucking Concerns: Brokers vs. Assets

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Trucking industry shifts go far beyond the impact of the pandemic. Even the structure of the industry has been altered.

Trucking Concerns: Working through a pandemic

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Truckers continue to contend with ELDs (electronic logging devices) and HOS (hours of service), and over the last year and a half, have had to face additional obstacles created by the coronavirus.

Port of Mattawa Industrial Park targets food, produce packing

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The Port of Mattawa's Sentinel Gap Industrial Park, which is located about one mile north of Mattawa, WA, is strongly positioned to attract agricultural related industries, such as food & beverage processing and fresh produce packing.

Truck rates rising with availability crunch

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Truck rates for perishables are on the rise thanks to a confluence of many issues.

Electric trucks by 2040 part of Walmart’s regenerative company goals

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Building on more than 15 years of sustainability leadership, Walmart today announced it is doubling down on addressing the growing climate crisis by targeting zero emissions across the company’s global operations by 2040.